Cumberland Presbyterian
Ministers - Licentiates - Candidates

Past and Present

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Easley, W. J. ?-1885

Eastman, T. C. (Licentiate) ?-c1874

Eatherly, William 1803-1875

Eddlemon, Charles O'Keith "Keith", Jr. 1964-2021

Edmiston, J. N. ?-c1874

Edwards, Edward William 1830-1893

Edwards, Jesse 1804-1851

Edwards, Jesse E. 1845-1928

Edwards, Warren R. ?-1935 (Presbyterian U.S.A. after 1906)

Eidson, W. D. c1875-1954

Elder, Quintin Durwood 1823-1893

Elkins, Robert H. ?-2004

Elliott, James Lewis 1863-1949

Elliott, William ?-c1883

Ellis, John R. (Jr.) ?-2004

Eppler, Henry ?-c1888

Esch, Mabel 1913-2010

Esch, Robert Edward 1915-1979

Eshman, Andrew Nelson 1865-1951

Eshman, Joseph B. 1861-1929

Eshman, Samuel Henry 1867-1935

Estes, George Russell

Estes, Loyce Standifer 1920-2010

Estes, (Jr.), Samuel Russell 1919-2021

Estes, (Sr.) Samuel Russell 1888-1966

Estill, Milton c1807-1882

Estill, W. W. ?-1882

Ewing, Finis 1773-1841

Ewing, Finis Modrall 1849-1942 (Presbyterian U.S.A. after 1906)

Ewing, Lee Davidson 1859-1909

Ewing, William M. 1831-1870


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