Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery

of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

April 7 - 9, 1812


   Agreeably to adjournment, Presbytery met at Suggs' Creek meeting-house the first Tuesday in April, 1812.
   Opened by a sermon delivered by Mr. Finis Ewing, from I Tim, IV, 16. Constituted by prayer.
   Members present: Messrs. Thomas Calhoon, David Foster, Robert Bell, James B. Porter, Hugh Kirkpatrick, Ephraim McLean, Samuel King, and Finis Ewing, preachers; Elders Samuel Miller, Chatham Ewing, Robert Guthrie, William McCloud, James McGaughy, John Provine, Hugh Telford, and John Sloss. Representatives: David Rankin, from the united societies of Garrison's Fork of Duck, Cripple Creek, and Rankins; Alexander Wilson, from Huntsville, Hermon, and Kelley's Creek; John Craig, from Globe Creek, Robertson's Fork, and Rock Creek; Samuel Smith, from Sandy Creek, Piney Fork, and Hopewell (Caldwell county); Thomas Rich, from Hopewell, Lick Creek, Flat Creek, Rock Spring, and West Fork; Spence Mitchell, from Union, Concord, and Zion; Samuel Wilson, from Harpeth Lick, Caney Spring Creek, and West Harpeth; John Barnett, from Smith's Fork, Bradley's Creek, and Hickman's Creek; Samuel Motherell, from Spring Creek and New Hope; Benjamin Lockhart, from Liberty and Pleasant Cove; Abner Bone, from Fayetteville, Bethesda, and Sharon.
   The Presbytery proceeded to choose a moderator and clerk. Mr. Kirkpatrick was chosen Moderator, Mr. Porter, Clerk.
   The minutes of our last stated Presbytery were read. Also, the minutes of the intermediate Presbytery were read and approved, and Mr. Harris invited to a seat. Presbytery adjourned by prayer, to meet to-morrow morning at eight o'clock.

   Presbytery met according to appointment. Opened by prayer. Members present as yesterday, and proceeded to business.

Mr. Thomas Calhoon, in compliance of an order of Presbytery to collect money for to school Mr. Philip McDaniel, [sic: McDonnold] paid  $ 10 00
Mr. Hugh Roan, toward schooling Philip McDaniel, [sic: McDonnold] paid     1 00
Just received for same purpose         75
David Foster      5 00
Robert Bell      5 00
James B. Porter       7 18 3/4
Finis Ewing       5 50
Hugh Kirkpatrick        5 00
Ephraim McLean        5 00
   Total   $ 44 43 3/4

Which money was given into the hands of the committee appointed to superintend his education.
   An addition of eleven dollars is made to the library of Cumberland Presbytery and put into the hands of the committee. The committee being enquired at, if they had purchased, and what kind of, books for the Cumberland Presbytery since our session at the Ridge, they report as follows: Six volumes Mosheim's, eight volumes of Rollin's Ancient History, and four volumes of Dr. Wetherspoon's Works. The price of the above mentioned books was $39.30.
   Messrs. William Bumpass, Robert Donnell, William Barnett, and David McLin report as follows the sum of moneys received by them during the last year of their labors in the gospel:

William Bumpass $80 51
Robert Donnell      95 98
William Barnett      75 07
David McLin          47 00

   Mr. McCorkle delivered a discourse from Isa. XLV, 22, which was sustained as part of trial. Philip McDaniel [sic: McDonnold] delivered (by his agent) a discourse from Rev. III, 20, as part of trial, which was sustained. Samuel Donnell delivered a discourse from John III, 16, which was sustained as part of trial.
   The Presbytery seeing the pressing call for supplies from the different circuits, and also strong solicitations from a great many neighborhoods to send them supplies, and not being able to comply with the urgent call from a large tract of country, have unanimously agreed to appoint the 15th of May to be kept as a day of solemn fasting and prayer, that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers.
   Ordered, that Philip McDaniel [sic: McDonnold] prepare a discourse, to be delivered at our next Presbytery, from Rom. x, 4.
   Ordered, that Mr. McCorkle prepare a discourse from Rom. v, 1. Ordered, that Samuel Donnell prepare a discourse from Psalms CXIX, 165.
   Messrs. John Barnett and John Province [sic: Provine] are requested to prepare written discourses from subjects of their own choosing, to be read at our next Presbytery.
   Presbytery adjourned by prayer, to meet to-morrow morning, eight o'clock.

   Presbytery met according to adjournment. Opened by prayer.
   Ordered, that Samuel McSpadin prepare a discourse to be read at our next Presbytery, from Rom. VI, 23.
   Messrs. Ezekiel Cloyd and Robert Guthrie are requested to prepare written discourses, to be delivered at our next Presbytery; Mr. Cloyd from John III, 16, and Mr. Guthrie from Matt. XI, 28.
   Presbytery recommended examinations to be attended to by local and itinerant preachers, on doctrines, experimental religion, etc.
   The allotment of the library books: Messrs. Harris and Chapman, the five first volumes of Mosheim; Kirkpatrick, Foster, and Calhoon, eight volumes of Rollins's Ancient History; Bell, Natural Philosophy and Stewart's Philosophy; Ewing, one Stewart's and the fourth volume of Wetherspoon; McLean, Campbell's Lecture; McLin, the third volume of Wetherspoon and the sixth volume Mosheim; Porter, the first volume of Wetherspoon and one Addison; King and McGee, two volumes of Customs and Manners and the second volume of Wetherspoon; Donnell, Barnett, and Bumpass, two volumes of Gutherie's Grammar, two Fergusons, one Logic, and the Study of the Bible; McCorkle, one Logic and one Addison.
New organized societies now added under the care of Presbytery: New Hope, in Christian county; Liberty, Spring Creek, Well's Creek, White Oak, Red River, and Fountain Head.
   Ordered, that each ordained preacher attend to eight sacraments before our next Presbytery.
   Ordered, that Messrs. Ewing, McLean, McGee, Bell, and Porter be appointed a committee to confer with a committee chosen by the West Tennessee and Muhlenburg Presbyteries on the subject of reunion, etc., if called upon. Ordered also, that Messrs. Kirkpatrick and Calhoon attend the appointment of the committee, in order to supply the lack or want of any member who might be providentially detained.
   Ordered, that Mr. Barnett ride on the Kentucky circuit, Mr. Bumpass on the Nashville circuit, on the Elk circuit, Mr. McSpadin on the Upper circuit, and Mr. McLin on the Livingston circuit.
   Presbytery adjourned by prayer to meet at Lebanon meeting-house, the first Tuesday in November, 1812.
                                                                                                 HUGH KIRKPATRICK, Moderator.
   JAMES B. PORTER, Clerk.


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