Hugh Kirkpatrick

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1774 - 1863

Ordination of Hugh Kirkpatrick

   Presbytery met agreeably to adjournment. Members present as yesterday. Opened by prayer.
   Mr. Kirkpatrick delivered a discourse from James ii. 26, which was unanimously sustained. Whereupon Messrs. Porter and Kirkpatrick were examined on English grammar, geography, natural and moral philosophy, Church history, and astronomy, which examination was sustained, and, after an ordination sermon was delivered by Rev. Finis Ewing, from 2 Tim. ii. 15, they were set apart to the whole work of the ministry, by solemn prayer and the imposition of hands, and were invited to, and took their seats in, Presbytery.
   Adjourned, by prayer, to meet to-morrow morning at eight o'clock.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, March 21, 1810]

The Presbytery mournfully records the death of Father Hugh Kirkpatrick and Bros. James M. Hunter and T. J. Waggoner which will be more extensively noticed at the next regular session of Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, February 6, 1864, page 2]

*Rev. Hugh Kirkpatrick was born in Orleans [sic: Orange] county, North Carolina, May 8, 1774, and was brought up in the Presbyterian Church. He married Isabella Stewart, of the same county and State, July 2, 1795. Both professed religion in 1797, and soon emigrated to the South-west, spent one year in Kentucky, but finally settled in Sumner county, Tennessee. They were two of the first four that joined the Beech Congregation. He was licensed to preach by the Transylvania Presbytery at its sessions in October, 1803. His education was better than that of the ordinary young men, as they were called. After 1805, he followed the fortunes of the Council, and was one of the first who was ordained after the organization of Cumberland Presbytery in 1810. He was a good man, and spent the most of his life and ministry in Sumner county. His wife died in 1859, and in his old age he married Nancy Grizzard. He died in 1863, leaving an only son, who still survives him.

[Source: Beard, Richard. Brief Biographical Sketches of Some of the Early Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Second Series.
Nashville, Tenn.: Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1874, page 114]

Hugh Kirkpatrick, the date of whose birth is not known, was a licensed preacher at the time the commission met in 1805. He was ordained in 1810. He died in 1864.

[Source: McDonnold, B.W. History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Nashville, Tenn.: Board of Publication of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1888, page 92]

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