Robert McCorkle

Cumberland Presbyterian Licentiate

Methodist Episcopal Church, South Minister

1779 - 1857

Whereas, Mr. Robert McCorkle has been formerly received as a candidate for the ministry, ordered that he prepare a discourse from Isaiah iii. 10, 11, to be delivered at our next stated meeting.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, March 20-22, 1810]

Mr. Robert McCorkle's excuse was sustained for not being prepared with a discourse at this Presbytery as a part of trial.

Ordered, that Mr. Robert McCorkle prepare a discourse from Isaiah xlv. 22, as part of trial, to be delivered at our next Presbytery.

Ordered, that Messrs. McLean, McCorkle, and McLin supply the Livingston circuit, including McAdow, until our next stated meeting.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, October 23-25, 1810]

The Rev. Ephraim McLean and Mr. McCorkle not attending, their names are ordered to be entered as absentees.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, March 19-22, 1811]

Mr. McCorkle delivered a discourse from Isa. XLV, 22, which was sustained as part of trial.

Ordered, that Mr. McCorkle prepare a discourse from Rom. v, 1.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, April 7 - 9, 1812]

The following persons shall be considered under the direction of said Logan Presbytery when constituted, to-wit: Philip McDaniel, [sic: McDonnold] Robert McCorkle, Green P. Rice, John Barnett, and Daniel Boe.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery, April 6 - 9, 1813]

Robert McCorkle who was formerly a candidate for the ministry in our body, but withdrew as a Candidate (not from the church) owing to some of our Tenets but who on more mature examination (having been frequently conversed with on those subjects) agreed to adopt our Confession and discipline without exception, came forward, and read a discourse which was sustained as popular preparatory to licensure.
He was examined on divinity and English Grammar which was satisfactory and he having answered the necessary question in the affirmative required by our Discipline. The presbytery proceeded and did License the said Robert McCorkle to preach the Gospel of Christ, within the bounds of this Presbytery or wherever God in his providence may cast his lot.
[Source: Minutes of Logan Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 3, 1816, page 22 of typescript]

REV. ROBERT McCORKLE: son of Archibald McCorkle and Joanna White. Born June 5, 1779 on the plantation where his father was born in Waxhaw Settlement, Lancaster Co., S.C.; died Jan. 5, 1857. He probably moved at the same time as the rest of his family to Montgomery Co., Tenn., in 1806. Married Mary Crockett who was the daughter of Elijah Crockett. Robert was a Methodist minister and teacher; probably the Robert McCorkle listed among the early ministerial candidates of Cumberland Presbytery. He signed the "Guardian bond" of Jesse Watkins April 1816, and the "Will" of John Watkins Aug. 1823.
I. Mary McCorkle
II. Joanna White McCorkle
III. Archibald Crockett McCorkle
[Source: From Viking Glory: Notes on the McCorkle Family in Scotland and America. By Rev. Louis W. McCorkle. Marceline, Missouri: Herff-Jones Publishing Company, 1982, page 170]

Rev. ROBERT McCORKLE born S.C., June 5, 1779; died Henderson Co., Tenn., Jan. 5, 1857; md Mary D. Crocket, Feb. 22, 1803; moved to Tenn. 1806; local MECS preacher.
[Source: THE NASHVILLE CHRSTIAN ADVOCATE, June 11, 1857, page 13]

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