Illinois Synod

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1832 - 1964

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1832 - Formed from Missouri Synod
Illinois, Sangamon, St. Louis, and Vandalia Presbyteries

1838 - Meheca Synod formed from
Sangamon, Rushville, and Mackinaw Presbyteries

Resolved, That a new Synod be stricken off from the Illinois Synod, to be known by the name of the Meheca Synod, to be composed of the following Presbyteries, viz: Rushville, Sangamon and Mackinaw -- that the first meeting be held at Rushville, Illinois on Thursday before the third Sabbath in October next; that Rev. John M. Berry be the first Moderator, and in case of his absence Rev. Abner McDowell.
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, May 17, 1838, page 242]

1859 - Central Illinois Synod formed from
Decatur, Vandalia, and Foster Presbyteries

1887 - Union of Illinois, Central Illinois, and Sangamon Synods, taking name Illinois Synod

1911 - Indiana Synod consolidated into one presbytery taking the name Indiana Presbytery and made part of Illinois Synod

1964 - Name changed to North Central Synod


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Illinois Synod
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