Illinois Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1823 - 1975

1822 - Ordered formed from Anderson and McGee Presbyteries by Cumberland Synod

1829 - Became part of Missouri Synod in reorganization

1832 - Became part of newly formed Illinois Synod

1964 - Became part of North Central Synod (name change from Illinois Synod)

1975 - Consolidated with Ewing-McLin Presbytery taking the name Ewing-McLin-Illinois Presbytery

October 16, 1822
Illinois Presbytery formed from Anderson and McGee Presbyteries by Cumberland Synod.

Resolved, That a new Presbytery be stricken off the Anderson Presbytery and a part of the McGee Presbytery, to have the appellation of the Illinois Presbytery, including the State of Illinois; to be composed of the following members, viz.: Messrs. Green P. Rice, David W. McLin, John M. Berry, and Woods M. Hamilton, to meet at John Kirkpatrick's, in the county of Montgomery, State of Illinois, on the first Tuesday in May, 1823. Green P. Rice was appointed the first moderator,or, in case of his absence, David W. McLin.
[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 16, 1822]


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