Indiana Synod

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1837 - 1911

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1837 - Formed from Green River Synod
Indiana, Wabash, and Ohio Presbyteries

1845 - Ohio Presbytery detached from and attached to Green River Synod

1911 - Consolidated into one Presbytery, taking name Indiana Presbytery and attached to Illinois Synod


In the Historical Library and Archives


October 11-14, 1861 - Bloomfield, Green County, Indiana
Moderator: Rev. Milton Bird
Stated Clerk: Rev. J. E. Jenkins
Treasurer: Rev. B. Hall
Clerk: Rev. A. J. Strain
Assistant Clerk: Rev. W. M. Medcalf
[1 printed minute in archives]



December 3-4, 1907 - Pettersburg, Indiana
Moderator - Rev. G. W. May
Stated Clerk and Treasurer - Rev. J. L. Stocking
printed minute at University of Southern Indiana - Evansville, Indiana

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