Little River Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1854 - 1903

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1854 - Stricken off from Colorado Presbytery by Brazos Synod.

1854 - Became part of newly formed Colorado Synod.

1888 - Became part of Texas Synod (consolidation of Texas, Brazos, Colorado, and Trinity Synods)

1903 - United with Colorado Presbytery, taking name Austin Presbytery.



December 5-8, 1883 - Mt. Hermon congregation, Davilla, Milam County, Texas
Retiring Moderator - Rev. John Hudson
Moderator - Rev. S. C. Lockett
Clerk Pro Tem - J. W. Pearson
Ministers present: John Hudson, J. W. Pearson, C. J. Forbes, B. E. Bowmer, J. W. Stinnett, D. C. DeWitt, W. R. Bauchman, S. C. Lockett, J. M. Moore, J. F. Barnett, A. B. Norrell, J. H. Miller and J. M. Renick.
Ministers absent: McCall Smith, J. R. Hodges, R. A. Hodge, S. L. McFarland, J. D. Speegle and R. B. Davis.
Licentiates present: E. H. Speegle, T. W. Hoskins.
Licentiates absent: W. G. Peyton, C. B. Roberts, J. S. Norrell and W. H. McClurken.
Candidates present: B. T. Adams, A. S. Groves, S. S. Jamison, Jr., and G. O. Bachman.
Candidates absent: J. T. Eller, J. O. Rhea, R. D. Kelly and ______ Waller.
Congregations represented:
Salado by W. A. Davis
Mt. Hermon by Wm. McAninch
Hopewell by H. Price
Pond Spring by C. W. Bowmer
Elm Grove by R. D. Love
Mt. Pleasant by R. A. Davis
Shady Grove by J. L. Savage
Concord by F. M. Ragland
Pleasant Valley by W. J. N. Gracy
Shiloh by W. H. Hamilton
Post Oak by D. A. McKenzie
Union Hill by Jos. Robertson
Wallace Creek by G. W. Campbell
Sandy Valley by J. K. Evans
Congregations not represented - New Salem, Lampasas, Bethel, Mt. Zion, Prairie Spring, Round Rock, New Hope, Bagdad, Live Oak, Cypress Creek, Georgetown and Spring Creek.

The following petition was ready before Presbytery, viz.: We, the undersigned members of Elm Grove congregation of the C.P. church, believe, that we can better worship God and advance the cause of religion, by being divided into two congregations. Therefore, we would respectfully ask, that you grant said division and authorize the Rev. John Hudson to organize that part of Elm Grove congregation that wishes to go into the new organization, into a new congregation, and that it be known and styled the Pilot Knob congregation of the C.P. church; and we hereby promise to comply with and be governed by the rules and regulations of the C.P. church, as adopted by your General Assembly, and to support the Gospel ministry, as God in his providence grants us prosperity. [Signed.] J. S. Hickman, E. C. Hickman, M. A. Hickman, H. P. Forbes, A. E. Forbes, M. E. Forbes, M. Barnett, M. E. Barnett, Mary Forbes, J. A. Forbes, C. J. Forbes, Collin Forbes, Jno. Forbes, Jr., E. A. Bullard, J. B. Bullard, W. H. Patton, J. A. Patton, S. B. McClain, B. W. Stapp, M. J. Hickman, C. Nobles, Cordelia Nobles, S. A. McDaniel, E. J. Clay, W. R. Bauchman and S. J. Bauchman.

The prayer of the petition was granted and Rev. John Hudson authorized to organize the new congregation.

Bro. R. D. Kelly, a candidate for the ministry, under the care of this Presbytery, was granted a letter of dismission and recommendation.

The name of Bro. J. E. Forbes, licentiate, was replaced on the roll.

Elder J. T. Caldwell, representative from Round rock congregation, Elder Calvin Weir from Prairie Spring congregation, and Elder W. G. Griffiths from Bethel congregation, came in and took seats as members of Presbytery.

The Board of Trustees of Round Rock College made the following report, which was adopted. That part, in reference to indebtedness of Presbytery, was referred to the Committee on Finance. The report reads as follows:
You Board of Trustees of Round Rock College, beg leave to report, that the demands of Presbytery has been complied with, to-wit: The re-conveying of the college property back to Round Rock Lodge, No. 227 of F. and A. M., and that the same has been received by said Lodge.
We would further call your attention to the indebtedness of the Presbytery,.
At our last report, Presbytery was due $125.67
Since that time she has paid $30.67
Balance due Trustees, $95.00
All of which we most respectfully submit and ask to be relieved. T. W. Royston, Pres B. T.; H. B. Sheppard, Sec.

At their own request, Mud Spring congregation, of Waco Presbytery, was transferred under the care of this Presbytery, and the name of W. P. McNutt was enrolled as their representative.

The hour having arrived in which an opportunity was to be given to any one who might wish to converse with the Presbytery, the opportunity was given, and Bro. S. S. Chamberlain, of Wallace Creek congregation, came forward and conversed with the Presbytery, and was received under the care of this Presbytery.

The Presbytery now proceeded to license Bros. G. O. Bachman and B. T. Adams to preach the gospel.

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2nd Sabbath in July 1884 in Center City, Hamilton County, Texas, with the Concord congregation.


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