Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1842 - 1903

1842 - Formed from Texas Presbytery by Mississippi Synod
1843 - First meeting
1845 - Became part of newly formed Texas Synod
1849 - Became part of newly formed Brazos Synod
1854 - Guadalupe Presbytery formed from Colorado Presbytery by Texas Synod
1888 - Became part of Texas Synod (consolidation of Texas, Brazos, Colorado, and Trinity Synods)
1903 - Consolidation with Little River Presbytery taking name Austin Presbytery

Your committee would recommend to your Revd. Body the importance of dividing said Presbytery of Texas into the following. First - Red River Presbytery: Bounded North and East by the United States line, South by Sabine River to the Cherokee crossings, thence West indefinately. And that the ministers composing said Presbytery be Mitchell Smith, Jas. McDonald, Robt. Gilkerson and Saml. Corley, and that Mitchell Smith be the first Moderator and in case of his failure Jas. McDonnald, and that the first session be held at Clarksville, Red River County, Republic of Texas on Thursday before the 1st Sabbath in March 1843.
Secondly - Texas Presbytery: Bounded North and East by Red River Presbytery and the U. States line to the coast, thence South by the coast embracing Galveston Island and the waters of Trinity Bay to the source of said Trinity in the west, and be composed of the following members, viz. Sumner Bacon, Milton Moore, Milton Estill and Richard O. Watkins, Which has an existence and will meet on its own adjournment.
Thirdly - Colorado Presbytery: Bounded East by Texas Presbytery, South by the Gulf of Mexico, West by Biodelnort, North indefinite and be composed of the following members (viz) A. J. McGowan, J. M. Foster and F. E. Foster and J. M. Foster be the first moderator and in case of his failure A. J. McGowan, and that its first session be held at Lagrange, Lafayette County Republic of Texas on the first Thursday in April 1843.

[Source: Minutes of Mississippi Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 20, 1842]

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