Pleasant Hill

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Hurricane Mills, Humphreys County, Tennessee

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Pleasant Hill

This Pleasant Hill Cumberland Presbyterian Church was located on a hill across the road from the J. T. Anderson home, about two miles below Hurricane Mills. It is not known just when this congregation was formed, but records of infant baptism date as far back as 1892 or 1893. This was the second house and location of the church, as the first one was located near the present home of Steve N. Page and was a log house, containing only windows with shutters and was used at the same time as a school house. Records of baptism show that numerous people were members of this church as early as 1866.

The following were listed under "Infant Baptism" by J. L. Stockard July 30, 1893.

Elizabeth A. Bowen, William F. Yates, Isaac J. Yates, George J. Yates, Sarah E. Mays, George S. Mays, Laura F. Mays, James E. Mays, Ludella Rogers. Ollie B. Rogers, Allie Tom Rogers, Adeline Gunter, Dorsey O. Crockett by T. F. Bowman, along with Isaac Hudson Crockett, Jesse L. Crockett, Nathan Yates, Hadassah Yates and M. J. Johnson by A. H. Manley, Allen Byrn, Emma Byrn and Ethel Byrn by E. L. McWilliams, and W. M. Byrn by B. B. Larkin.

Money contributed to build the last house of worship was as follows: G. M. Fowler $175.00, J. W. Mays $50.00, Isaac T. Crockett $100.00, J. H. May $50.00, W. H. Meadow $5.00, T. A. Harris $2.50, R. I. Martin (by her collection) $28.95, Sissie May $31.00, M. J. Fowler $45.50, E. Y. O'Donnelly $6.00, James P. White $2.50, H. C. Crim $1.00, G. M. Fowler $25.00, Eliya O'Donnelly $5.00, M. J. Fowler (collected) $16.00, R. D. Martin $1.35, I. T. Crockett (lumber) $3.00, I. T. Crockett (painting) $10.00, W. C. Craft (on stove) 50 cents, G. M. Fowler $5.00, J. W. Mays $2.50, J. W. Mays $10.00, J. H. May $4.00 and Sam Green Jones $5.00.

List of members and when baptized: Nathaniel and Nancy Page 8-22-1875; William R. May, 9-10-1884; M. M. Bailey, 9-1-1884; S. F. May, 11-9-1884; I. T. Crockett, 8-6-1885; Henry May 8-5-1886; James Arrington 7-8-1888; Thomas M. Flemming 8-10-1890; J. J. Conners 9-4-1866; Rhonda Toland 9-4-1866; Mary Jane Teas Fowler 8-29-1871; G. A. O'Donnelly 8-16-1875; Lonnie Glen 8-10-1888; M. Ida Rogers 8-21-1888; J .J. May 8-21-1888; A. E. Rogers 8-22-1888; S. A. Byrn 9-11-1888; A. F. Byrn 9-11-1888; R. D. Roberts 9-11-1888; W. C. Craft 8-17-1890; Lousia Jane (Mrs. Henry) May 9-4-1866; A. J. Scott 9-23-1866; S. V. Fowler 8-29-1871.

Some of the preachers were A. C. Stockard, Henry Cooley, G. W. Nichols, and H. N. Cooley.

Other items in old record show the following:

Communicants: Eliza A. Bowen 7-20-1895, experience; Rhoda A. O'Donnelly Massey, by letter; Sarah Eliza Mays, experience; James E. Tubb, experience; I. T. Crockett, 9-20-1896, transfer; A. M. Crockett, transfer; W. R. May, letter; R. H. Gray, experience; S. J. May, Jr., experience; R. F. May, transfer; Willie Anderson, 8-11-1897, experience; Anderson Crowell, 4-15-98, letter; Etta Byrn 4-1900, experience; Annie Byrn 8-24-1900, experience; Stella Rogers 8-1902, experience; W. C. Craft 6-14-1902, experience; S. F. May, letter; George M. Crockett, experience; Annie Binkley, experience; Susan Baker 8-10-1897, experience; Carrie Anderson 9-28-1898, experience; Dorsey Byrn 4-1900, experience; Ludella Rogers 8-23-1900, experience; Pearl Norman 8-24-1900, experience; Larcy Myers 8-1902, experience.

Dismissed: Eliza A. Bowen, by letter, 6-1902; Sarah Eliza Mays, by letter, 10-1899; James E. Tubb, transfer, 10-1899; A.M. Crockett, died, 2-22-1912; W. R. May, letter, 11-1902; S. F. May, letter, 11-1902; George M. Crockett, joined M.E. Church; R. F. May, joined M.E. Church 7-1-1914; Willie Anderson, transferred to Waverly, 1905; Anderson Crowell, letter, 4-16-1904; Etta Byrn joined M.E. Church; Ludella Rogers, letter, 2-20-1916; Annie Byrn, joined "Campbellites;" Stella Rogers, letter 12-21-1913; W. C. Craft.

Deaths: Mary A. O'Donnelly, August 23, 1882; William M. O'Donnelly, January 31, 1884; Sarah Mathews, August 9, 1882; Margaret Meadow, August 2, 1882; W. M. Massy, January 1883; George Crockett, December 10, 1884; F. M. Byrn, February 26, 1892; Mary M. Roberts, September 20, 1892; Willie Toland Byrn, November 30, 1913; Sissie Mays, September 1, 1893; Eliz. Craft, May 29, 1896; Ellen Miller, November 1898; Henry May, Sr., October 1898; Bertha Gant, June 1900; W. C. Craft, June 27, 1908; A. M. Crockett, February 22, 1912; Sarah Taylor, March 3, 1912; Annie Elizabeth Heel Johnson, died February 12, 1938, (she being the last known member of congregation.)

It is not known exactly when services ceased at this church, but sometime during the early thirties the old pump organ was given to Annie Heel Johnson, but sometimes services of other religious groups were held here, and it was not until the early forties that the building was used for farm purposes, and later about 1972 it was completely demolished.

[Written by Ollie Rogers Baird in 1976 for the Humphreys County Heritage Book, 1979]

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