Henry N. Cooley

1846 - 1893

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

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Brother H. N. Cooly was licensed to preach the gospel.
[Source: Extracts from the Minutes of Charlotte Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 1881, in The Cumberland Presbyterian, 1881]

Licentiate H. N. Cooley was set apart to the whole work of the ministry.
[Source: Extract from the Minutes of Charlotte Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 1883, in The Cumberland Presbyterian, October 18, 1883, page 5]

"Rev. Henry N. Cooley--A large circle of friends and the whole church, regardless of denominational lines, will be sincerely grieved to hear of the death of Rev. Henry N. Cooley, which occurred at his home at Edgewood Saturday night the 8th inst. Inflammation of the stomach was the immediate cause of his death, superinduced [sic] by a slow type of malarial fever. His last illness was long and painful, but borne with the Christian patience and fortitude which characterizes only those who have placed their trust in Him who doeth all things well. He leaves a wife and several children who will sadly miss his loving counsel and strong protecting arm. To the church which he loved and served so faithfully, and the loving Father whom he trusted so implicitly, we tenderly commend them. Rev. Cooley was a member of Charlotte Presbytery of the C. P. Church and one of the most useful and trusted advisors, ever read to sacrifice his personal interest and comfort for the good of his church and the cause of Christianity. He filled in the highest measure the Christian character and discharged with conscientious exactness every duty of the minister. A good man has gone to his reward, and the church and his friends mourn most deeply his untimely death."

Cooley.--Rev. H. N. Cooley, of Charlotte Presbytery, was born March 1, 1846, and died April 8, 1893. Brother Cooley was a good preacher, a good revivalist and a faithful worker in the church. He went to Texas a few years ago, but on account of failing health came back to Tennessee, where he labored until death. He was twice married. His first wife was the daughter of Rev. D. D. Cooley, leaving one son and one daughter. His last wife, Miss Leona Thomison, having two sons and one daughter. He was a good husband, kind father and loved by all who knew him. His funeral was preached by the writer, after which the body was laid to rest by the Masonic fraternity.

Asleep in Jesus, oh! how sweet,
Where none shall ever wake to weep.


[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, May 18, 1893, page 703]

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