McGee Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1819 - 1945

1819 - Formed from Logan Presbytery

October 22, 1819
McGee Presbytery stricken off of Logan Presbytery by order of Cumberland Synod.

Whereas, it has been represented to Synod that members of the Logan Presbytery are located over an extensive tract of country, Synod therefore resolved to divide said Presbytery by the following metes and bounds, viz.: Commencing at the source of the Oakaw river, thence northwardly to indefinite boundaries from said source, down the Oakaw river to the Mississippi river; thence down the Mississippi to its confluence; all West of which shall be the boundary of a Presbytery, hereafter to be constituted, to be known by the name of the McGee Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, to be composed of the following members, viz.: Green P. Rice, Daniel Buie, and Robert D. Morrow, members at present of the Logan Presbytery, and John Carnahan, at this time a member of the Elk Presbytery, and any other member or members that may move into said bounds before said Presbytery be constituted, or any three of them. The above Presbytery shall hold its first meeting at or near the place where Robert D. Morrow held a camp-meeting, on the waters of Salt river, Missouri Territory, on the fourth Tuesday in next May, and report their proceedings to our next Synod; Green P. Rice, or, in his absence, John Carnahan or Daniel Buie, to be moderator until they constitute.

Resolved, That the present clerk transmit a copy of the above order to Green P. Rice and the other members who are to compose the above Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 22, 1819]


October 16, 1822
Resolved, That a new Presbytery be stricken off the Anderson Presbytery and a part of the McGee Presbytery, to have the appellation of the Illinois Presbytery, including the State of Illinois; to be composed of the following members, viz.: Messrs. Green P. Rice, David W. McLin, John M. Berry, and Woods M. Hamilton, to meet at John Kirkpatrick's, in the county of Montgomery, State of Illinois, on the first Tuesday in May, 1823. Green P. Rice was appointed the first moderator,or, in case of his absence, David W. McLin.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 16, 1822]


October 24, 1823
Arkansas Presbytery stricken off from McGee Presbytery by Cumberland Synod.

Resolved that a presbytery be stricken off from the McGee presbytery, including the Arkansas territory, consisting of the following members: (viz) Rev. Messrs. John Carnahan, William C. Long and Robert Sloan of the McGee presbytery, and William Henry of the Anderson presbytery; to be known by the name of the Arkansas presbytery. To meet at John Craig's, Independence county, Arkansas territory on the fourth Thursday in May 1824; and that William Henry be the first moderator, and in case of his absence, John Carnahan.

Resolved that the Rev. Robert D. King, a member of the McGee presbytery be attached to the Elk presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 24, 1823]

1829 - Became part of Missouri Synod in reorganization

1834 - Became part of newly formed Washington Synod

1834 - Became part of Missouri Synod (name change from Washington Synod)

1845 - Became part of newly formed McAdow Synod

1885 - Became part of Missouri Synod (McAdow Synod dissolved)

1907 - Extended to include Chillicothe, Kirksville, and Salt River presbyteries.

1919 - Extended to include Iowa Presbytery

1945 - Consolidated with New Lebanon Presbytery, taking name McGee-New Lebanon Presbytery.

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