David Wayne Wiman

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1910 - 2004

Candidate - March 28, 1930 - Foster Presbytery

Licentiate - March 25, 1932 - Foster Presbytery

Ordained - August 26, 1932 - Foster Presbytery

Wiman Appointed Stated Clerk

Whereas, Rev. D. W. Fooks, stated clerk, general traveling secretary, general treasurer and financial agent of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church died on the 12th day of December, 1944, prior to the expiration of his term of office, and a vacancy now exists in said offices; and,

Whereas, under the canons of said Church and approved precedents governing the appointment of his successor, the moderator of the General Assembly of said Church is vested with the power to name and appoint a pro tempore stated clerk, general traveling secretary, general treasurer and financial agent of the church, to serve in said capacities until said vacancy is filled by the General Assembly of said Church; and,

Whereas, it is to the best interest of said Church that said vacancy be filled immediately:

Therefore, be it known by these presents that I, I. M. Vaughn, moderator of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, have this day and do hereby appoint Rev. Wayne Wiman, Memphis, Tennessee, stated clerk, general traveling secretary, general treasurer and financial agent of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to serve in said capacities until the next regular stated meeting of the General Assembly of said Church, or until his successor shall have been duly elected, qualified, and inducted into the offices covered by this appointment.

This shall be and is his authority to take charge of the Church books, papers, records and funds now in the hands of the deceased stated clerk, or in the hands of his personal representatives or others, and to exercise all the powers and perform all of the duties incident to the offices hereinabove mentioned, and to which he is being appointed.

Witness my hand at Jackson, Tennessee, this the 28th day of December, 1944.--I. M. Vaughn, moderator.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, January 11, 1945, page 1]

From Stated Clerk's Office

For the past thirty years the Cumberland Presbyterian church has followed with interest the activities of the late Rev. D. W. Fooks through the columns of the Church paper. My first thought when receiving THE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN during the early years of my ministry was in the form of a question--"What has Brother Fooks been doing this past week or month?" He always had a very interesting article concerning the stated clerk's work.

Today I feel very unworthy of the place for which I have been appointed by our moderator, Mr. I. M. Vaughn. With the honor comes a tremendous responsibility. I am very grateful for the confidence that my brethren have in me but I will need the help of all to perform the tasks.

Through this column I will endeavor to keep the Church informed of the Assembly's work from the standpoint of the stated clerk. If we can be a help to any individual in our denomination, or any group, please feel free to call upon us. If there are business matters that my attention should be called to, please let me know as soon as possible. My attention has already been called to some wills that should be looked after immediately.

As you remember the different servants of the Church in your prayers, please ask Almighty God to lead, bless, and help your stated clerk.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, February 1, 1945, page 2]

Election of Stated Clerk

The Assembly entered into the election of the Stated Clerk, Financial Agent, General Traveling Secretary, and Superintendent of Transportation, which resulted in the election of Rev. Wayne Wiman of Memphis Presbytery.
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1945, page 34]


AS HE leaves the office of Stated Clerk of the General Assembly it can be recorded with certainty that Wayne Wiman has done a good job. This is an unglamorous way to stating a very plain and solid fact.

During his decade of ministry in this strategic and highly important post in the church he has rendered a signal service. One only needs to do a little reviewing of the past ten years in the church to recognize this.

He was elected as assistant stated clerk of the General Assembly in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1944, which was one of the most tempestuous and most critical meetings in the recent history of our church. The tides of unhealthy reaction almost engulfed the church at that time. But not hardly. From that time up to now amazing changes have taken place in the church. For one thing, during this decade we have seen the highest court, the General Assembly, change from a stewing, jowering, hodgepodge of cross purposes, cross currents, and cross people, into a meeting with dignity, stability, coordination, and studied deliberation.

To Wayne must go much of the credit for this change.

He won the confidence of the church-at-large at a time when it was extremely difficult for anyone assuming a position of high influence to do so without, from the very start, having large blocs of antagonistic opposition at work. Wayne did it and the church for long years to come will owe him a debt of gratitude for this achievement.

He won the confidence of the church then and through the years of his service has held the respect of people on all levels from the most ordinary laymen to the most capable leaders.

He has conducted his office well giving to it his sincere efforts and spiritual concern.

Now after a decade of service to God and the church in this important place, Wayne returns to the pastorate. To this equally important place of service he returns an enriched, wiser, and more experienced minister. And as he does so the good will, the best wishes, and a hearty Godspeed from Cumberland Presbyterians all over, ministers and laymen alike, go with him.

Blessings on you Wayne, in your continuing ministry in our church!
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, June 15, 1954, page 5, editorial by Rev. C. Ray Dobbins]

Dr. Wayne Wiman Elected Moderator Of 128th General Assembly at Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM , ALA., June 18--Rev. Dr. David Wayne Wiman of Chattanooga was elected Moderator of the 128th General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church here today.

As Moderator he becomes head of the entire denomination with its ten synods, fifty-five presbyteries, one thousand congregations, and 85,000 members.

He succeeds Rev. Dr. W. T. Ingram who has served the denomination for the past twelve months in this position.

Election Wednesday Afternoon
Dr. Wiman was elected on the first roll call vote as the first major item of business at the opening of the Assembly Wednesday afternoon. He was nominated by Dr. W. O. Parr of Morgantown, Ky.; Rev. S. T. Byars of Florence, Ala., a former moderator himself, seconded the nomination. Rev. Raymon Burroughs, Dean of Bethel College, was also nominated. The vote was 79 to 28, there being 107 commissioners present.

In making the nomination, Dr. Parr noted that he himself served on the Assembly Committee a number of years ago which nominated Dr. Wiman to be stated clerk of the General Assembly, a position he held for ten years.

"I Now Declare . . ."
"I now declare that the 128th General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian church is in session." These were the words of retiring Moderator Ingram, following the roll call, the constituting prayer by Dr. Charles R. Matlock of Nashville, the adoption of the program and the report of the Credentials Committee.

The Assembly was opened with a devotion by worship director, Rev. O. T. Arnett, who spoke on the theme, "Christ for the World." "When we as a church have an encounter with God, we shall be united in love and service," he declared. "We shall work together for the total program of our church and we shall go home to our churches and promote and work the plans and program we make here."

The New Moderator
Moderator Wiman is pastor of the Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga. For thirty years he has been a leader in the church serving in pastorates and holding many responsible positions within the denomination. He served with the former Board of Tithing and Budget from 1938 to 1944, and from 1944 to 1954 was stated clerk. He was assistant secretary of the Board of Missions and Evangelism, was a long time member of the Assembly's Board of Trustees, served on Charters Committee, Commission on Location of Denominational Center, Historical Committee, and several others. Other pastorates have been at the Morning Sun church, Arlington, Tenn., and the East Side church, Memphis.

Dr. Wiman is married to the former Louise Long of Chattanooga. They were married in November, 1957. His first wife, Helen Bright Wiman died in 1954. His two children are David Wayne, Jr., 14, and Vicki Lynn, 7.

The opening session of the Assembly adjourned at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, June 24, 1958, page 3]

Rev. David Wayne Wiman Sr., 93 PADUCAH Ky.

Rev. David Wayne Wiman Sr.
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rev. David Wayne Wiman Sr., age 93, died peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, on Aug. 16, 2004, at the Superior Care Home. He was an ordained Cumberland Presbyterian minister for 72 years. His last pastorates were the Margaret Hank Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Paducah, where he served nine years, and the Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Sturgis, where he served 4.5 years. Since retirement he has served as an interim pastor at different churches, including seven years at United Central Presbyterian Church in Paducah, and has filled pulpits when needed. Often called a "bridge builder," Rev. Wiman had a gift for bringing peace to churches in trouble and was admired for his life of devotion and service to others.

He was a graduate of Bethel College and Cumberland Presbyterian Seminary (now Memphis Theological Seminary). He served the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination in many ways, including Moderator of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1958-59 (the highest honor that can be bestowed on a person in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church), General Assembly Stated Clerk for 10 years and Board of Finance for six years. He was also moderator of many presbyteries, served on different boards and conducted many revivals.

Rev. Wiman was a member of many organizations, including Eastern Star, Al Menah Shrine and several civic organizations. He was a former president of Kiwanis of Fayetteville, Tenn., a Mason for 63 years and is listed in the Who's Who of America.

He is survived by his devoted wife, Louise Long Wiman; son, David Wiman (Toni) of Hardin County, Ill.; daughter, Vicki Wiman of Tallahassee, Fla.; grandson, Robert Wiman (Diedre) of Harrisburg, Ill.; two great-grandsons, Jared and Jacob Wiman; stepgrandchildren; step-great-grandchildren; nephews and nieces. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Helen Bright Wiman; parents, Cora and George Wiman; and brothers, Vale and Frank Wiman.

His family is strengthened by his unconditional love and his faith in God. We have a void in our hearts as we miss the sparkle in his eyes, his loving smile and sense of humor.

Services will be conducted at the Milner & Orr Funeral Home, 120 Memorial Drive, Paducah, KY 42002, on Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004, at 1 p.m. with visitation Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2004, beginning at 5 p.m. Rev. Stan Gerard will officiate with Rev. Mary Parson assisting. Interment is at Maplelawn Park Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests contributions be made to the Wayne Wiman Endowment Scholarship Fund, Memphis Theological Seminary, 168 E. Parkway S., Memphis, TN 38104.
[Source: Paducah Sun, Wednesday, August 18, 2004]

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