Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Cowden, Washita County, Oklahoma

1925 - 1943

Former name: Sappington's Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church [1911-1925]

Greer Presbytery

Indianola Synod

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On Motion the name of the Sappington Chapel Congregation was changed to Cowden.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 3, 1925, page 1]

April 3, 1943
To Brethren of Greer Presbytery:
We wish to make the following report on Overtures:
For the past twelve years or more we have prayerfuly considered the people in the Cowden Community and our property there.
The Church has not functioned as a Church for at least 12 years. They have had no pastor recognized by Greer Presbytery in all this time, they have not paid Presbyterial dues, nor have they submitted their records for examination in all this time.
We have not had a delegate to attend Presbytery or Synod in all this time that was elected by the session there.
Therefore we feel that they are in no way at all furnishing Spiritual strength to the people of the Community.
We recommend under these conditions that the Church be declared disbanded and the property be taken over by the Presbytery and if suitable buyer can be found to sell same.
We furthermore recommend that if there are still members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Cowden that they be placed as members of the Mt. Vernon Congregation or members of any other congregation in Greer Presbytery at their own discretion.
Prayerfully considered,
M. F. Mize, Earl Luttrell & Elmer Kelley

This report was after discussion on motion adopted.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 3, 1943, page 3]

The following report on Board of Finance was on motion adopted.
. . .
2nd. We recommend that said property at Cowden be conveyed to the Clinton Church or sold by the board of Presbyterial trustees and the proceeds given to the Clinton Church for the purpose of adding to their building facilities.
. . .
Forest Baldwin, Ch., J. B. Hatchett, J. G. Stokes.
Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, March 31, 1950, page 2]

By motion the following report on finances was adopted.
. . .
The board of Presbyterial trustees report that they have dispersed with the Cowden Church property as your presbytery instructed at last Presbytery. The property was sold for $1000, and quick Claim deed was issued to the Pentacostal Holiness for the same. The $1000, was applied on the indebtedness of the Clinton Church.
. . .
Forest Baldwin, Earl Luttrell.
Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 8, 1950, page 2]

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