Greer Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1898 - 1961

Name changed from Greer County Presbytery by Indianola Synod.

Washita Presbytery formed from Greer Presbytery.

Washita Presbytery consolidated with Greer Presbytery taking name Greer Presbytery.

Became part of Oklahoma Synod (name change from Indianola Synod)

Reorganization of Oklahoma Synod; all six congregations became part of newly formed Oklahoma Western Presbytery. (Alden, Burns Flat, Clinton, Mt. Vernon, Rocky, and Zinn's Chapel)

The committee on Presbyterial Lines offered their report which was adopted:

Your committee on Presbyterial Lines would report that we have a memorial from Greer County Presbytery asking for an increase of territory. In accordance with said memorial we recommend that her territory be increased as follows:

Beginning on Red River at the mount of North Fork, thence southeast with meanderings of Red River to southwest corner of Chickasaw Nation, thence north on west boundary of Chickasaw Nation to South Canadian river, thence northwest with meanderings of South Canadian to the line of Texas, 100th meridian, thence south to northwest corner of Greer County.

We also recommend that the word "County" be dropped from the name of Greer County Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Indianola Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 8, 1898, page 7]


The following was adopted:

Your Committee on Overtures and Judiciary have considered the overture from the Greer Presbytery, and would recommend that said Presbytery be divided according to the following lines:

Commencing on the west line where the north fork of Red river leaves the Texas state line, thence down the north fork of Red river to the township line between townships seven and eight (it being the south line of Washita county, Oklahoma), thence east on said line to the Washita river, thence down the Washita river to the west line of the Chickasaw nation; all be known as Greer Presbytery, and all that part lying north of said line to be known as Washita Presbytery.

We recommend that the new Greer Presbytery meet according to the time and place of the last adjournment of Greer Presbytery, and that Rev. J. A. Zinn be appointed to convene the new Greer Presbytery and preside until a Moderator is elected.

That the Washita Presbytery be directed to meet with the Mt. Lebanon Church at 7:30 p.m. on Friday before the third Sabbath in March, 1903, and that Rev. J. J. Donnehoo be appointed to convene the Presbytery and preside until a Moderator is elected.

That the churches within the bounds of the Washita Presbytery be directed to pay into the treasury of the Greer Presbytery whatever dues are behind for the year 1902.

[Source: Minutes of Indianola Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, November 1, 1902, pages 6-7]

A memorial from Greer Presbytery in which prayer was made of the Synod for the consolidation of the Presbyteries of Greer and Washita, the consolidated Presbytery to be known as the Presbytery of Greer, was read, and on motion the prayer was granted, and the consolidation was ordered. The next place of meeting was designated at Zinns Chapel Congregation, the time was fixed as Thursday before the First full moon in April, 1911 at 8 P.M. And that the officers of the present Presbytery of Greer shall preside until the order of the Synod is carried out.
[Source: Minutes of Indianola Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, November 12, 1910, page 2]

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