Called to Serve?


Entity Descriptions

Each denominational board and agency is developing a brief description of the gifts, skills and time commitments needed for service on that particular entity.  Please review the entity description for the board or agency you might be interested in serving on before submitting a Personal Data Form.  If an entity description is not yet available from the list below, please contact the board/agency directly for that information.

Ministry Council Entity Description.pdf   

    Communications Ministry Team

    Discipleship Ministry Team

    Missions Ministry Team

    Pastoral Development Ministry Team

Bethel University Trustees

Children’s Home Trustees

Historical Foundation Entity Description.pdf

Memphis Theological Seminary Entity Description.pdf

Board of Stewardship Entity Description.pdf

Chaplains and Military Personnel Entity Description.pdf

Judiciary Committee

Nominating Committee

Our United Outreach Committee

Unified Committee on Theology and Social Concerns