Personal Data Forms


General Criteria for Board and Agency Membership

Personal Data Forms are used by the General Assembly’s Nominating Committee for the purpose of preparing a slate of nominees for General Assembly boards and agencies. Each General Assembly board, agency, or advisory committee is assigned an area of responsibility. The agency membership collectively assumes the assigned responsibility on behalf of the General Assembly. “Willingness to serve” implies a commitment to the area of responsibility of the indicated board(s) or agency(s) and a commitment to work with others to fulfill those responsibilities.

Time Commitment

Boards and agencies meet one, two or three times each year. Task force or committee work between meetings is sometimes necessary. Though the time commitment necessary to responsible membership varies from one entity to another and varies at different times within a given entity, the general standard is a willingness to commit at least six days a year to board or agency meetings and to assume assigned responsibilities between meetings.

Each person shall be elected to a term of three years unless elected to fill the remainder of an expired term.  All persons may serve up to three consecutive terms for a total not to exceed nine years in office.  Service on the Nominating Committee is limited to one three year term.


The General Assembly desires to select Cumberland Presbyterian members who are active members of local congregations that are supportive of the program of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Ministers must be members in good standing of their presbytery. Institutional boards have non-Cumberland Presbyterian as well as Cumberland Presbyterian members.

Complete and Submit a Personal Data Form

Please complete a Personal Data Form to express your interest in sharing your gifts and talents through service on a particular board or agency of the denomination.

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Personal Data Form (online submission)