Northeast Oklahoma Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1961 - 1986

1961 - Formed in reorganization of Oklahoma Synod. September 11, 1961.

All six congregations from Cherokee Presbytery were attached to this presbytery: Locust Grove, Muskogee, Liberty, Tahlequah, Tulsa, and Wagoner.

The following congregations from Chickasaw Presbytery were also attached to this presbytery: Oklahoma City, Tecumseh, and Wichita.

The following congregation from Choctaw Presbytery was attached to this presbytery: Cass.

1962 - 1st meeting, April 7, 1962.

1986 - Name changed to Cherokee Presbytery by Oklahoma Synod.
                 [Source: Minutes of Oklahoma Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 17, 1986, page 6]


April 7, 1962 - Tulsa Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Moderator: Rev. Bill Middleton
Stated Clerk: Perry Cunningham
Director of Children's Work: Margaret Sarver
Director of Youth Work: Mrs. Percy Thomas
Director of Adult Education: Mrs. Bill Middleton

October 13, 1962 - St. Marks Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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