Greer County Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1892 - 1898

Formed from Pease River Presbytery by Texas Synod.

Became part of newly formed Indianola Synod.

Name changed to Greer Presbytery by Indianola Synod.


The committee on Presbyterial Lines offered their report which was adopted:

Your committee on Presbyterial Lines would report that we have a memorial from Greer County Presbytery asking for an increase of territory. In accordance with said memorial we recommend that her territory be increased as follows:

Beginning on Red River at the mount of North Fork, thence southeast with meanderings of Red River to southwest corner of Chickasaw Nation, thence north on west boundary of Chickasaw Nation to South Canadian river, thence northwest with meanderings of South Canadian to the line of Texas, 100th meridian, thence south to northwest corner of Greer County.

We also recommend that the word "County" be dropped from the name of Greer County Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Indianola Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 8, 1898, page 7]


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