Bigby Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1825 - 1841

October 24, 1823 - Ordered to be formed from part of dissolved Alabama Presbyery by Cumberland Synod

January 24, 1824 - Meeting did not take place

October 22, 1824 - Again ordered to be formed and boundaries enlarged.

March 8, 1825 - Presbytery Constituted at First Meeting

October 24, 1823
Whereas the members of the Alabama presbytery live remote from each other and are separated by watercourses, difficult to pass in time of high water; resolved that s'd presbytery be disolved, and that the Rev. Messrs. Robert Bell and John Forbes of the Alabama presbytery and John Molloy and John C. Smith of the Tennessee presbytery constitute a presbytery to be known by the name of Bigby presbytery at Abner Boan's in Monroe county, state of Mississippi on the 24th day of January next: including the following boundaries (viz) Beginning at the mouth of Mobile river, thence up s'd river to the mouth of the Black warrior, thence up the Blackwarrior the road leading from Florence to Tuskyloocy, thence with s'd road to Tennessee presbytery line; thence with s'd line to the Tennessee state line; thence with s'd line to the Mississippi river; thence south to undefined boundaries; that Robert Bell be the first moderator; and in case of his absence John Forbes. The Rev. Messrs. William Moore and Benjamin Lockheart, with the remaining bounds of the Alabama presbytery be attached to the Tennessee presbytery; and that the minutes of s'd presbytery with the licentiates and candidates belong to the Tennessee presbytery; except Daniel Patton who shall be attached to the Elk presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 24, 1823]


October 22, 1824
Resolved, That the following bounds be attached to the Bigby Presbytery, viz.: beginning where the dividing ridge between the Tennessee and Bigby waters strikes the Tennessee state line, thence with said line to the Tennessee river, thence up the river to the east boundary of Morgan county, thence south with said line to Boiler's road leading from Florence to Tuskaloosa; and that the following members, viz.: Rev. Messrs. James Stewart, Green P. Rice, James Moore, and Carson P. Reed, be also attached to said Presbytery; and that, in consequence of said Presbytery having failed to constitute agreeably to a former resolution of the Synod, it is hereby appointed to constitute at Concord meeting-house, in Lawrence county, and State of Alabama, on the second Tuesday in March, 1825, Robert Bell being moderator, or, in case of his failure, James Stewart.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 22, 1824]

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