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Robert Green Stockton
born: 5 February 1828
died: 13 October 1895
buried: Poplar Grove Cemetery, Newbern, Gibson County, Tennessee
married: 28 January 1847 - Coosa County, Alabama
wife:Amanda Elizabeth Hardin
born: 25 October 1822 - North Carolina
died: 11 September 1895
buried: Poplar Grove Cemetery, Newbern, Gibson County, Tennessee

Children of Robert Green Stockton and Amanda Elizabeth Hardin Stockton:

1. Elizabeth A. Stockton
born: 1848 or 1849 - Alabama

2. John S. Stockton
born: 1849 - Mississippi
died: 1932

3. Joseph Thomas Stockton
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
born: 1851 or 1852 - Mississippi
died: 6 April 1943
married: 17 September 1874
wife: Eliza Jane Pace
[daughter of William C. Pace and Eliza May ?]
born: 20 December 1857 - near Newbern Tennessee
died: 30 October 1950
buried: Mount Olive Cemetery near Dyer, Tennessee

Children of Joseph Thomas Stockton and Eliza Jane Pace:

3.1. Homer D. Stockton

3.2. E.D. Stockton

3.3. Thomas Cannon Stockton
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
born: 26 December 1894 - Newbern, Tennessee
died: 25 November 1990 - Longview, Texas
buried: Union City, Tennessee
married: 18 June 1939 - Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
wife: Euline Cummings
[widow of Rev. James Meadows McLeskey]

3.4. Obera Stockton

3.5. Edna S. Stockton
husband: ? Jackson

3.6. ? Stockton
husband: A.C. Horner

3.7. ? Stockton
husband: G.W. Marrs


4. Owen Lee Stockton
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
born: 5 July 1854 - Mississippi
died: 18 September 1932
buried: Bells Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee
married: 1876/1877
wife: Ella Gabe Hooks
born: 8 February 1858 - Mississippi
died: 28 November 1948
buried: Bells Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee

Children of Owen Lee Stockton and Ella Gabe Hooks Stockton:

4.1. William Green Stockton
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
Presbyterian Minister
born: May 1878 - Austin, Texas

4.2. Amanda Jane Stockton
born: 3 April 1881 - Austin, Texas
died: 18 September 1921
buried: Bells Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee
husband: John Norman
born: 27 September 1876
died: 28 May 1949
buried: Bells Chapel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee

4.3. Mary Ella Stockton
born: January 1883 - Austin, Texas
husband: James Garrett

4.4. Mineola Stockton
born: September 1884 - Texas
buried: Memorial Park Cemetery

4.5. Owen Selah Stockton
born: 19 November 1886 - Trimble, Dyer County, Tennessee
died: 1 February 1972 - Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee
buried: Mt. Olive Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Gibson County, Tennessee
married: 22 November 1908 - Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee
wife: Della Josie Sullivan

Children of Owen Selah Stockton and Della Josie Sullivan Stockton:

4.5.1. Charles Stockton Charlie Stockton


4.6. Marvin Austin Stockton
born: 30 September 1890 - Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee
died: April 1974 - possibly Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee

4.7. Thomas Richard Stockton
born: 1895 - Dyer, Gibson County, Tennessee


5. Robert P. Stockton
born: 1855 or 1856 - Mississippi

6. James R. Stockton
born: 1858 - Mississippi
died: 1935

7. William H. Stockton
born: 1860 - Mississippi


Mrs. J. T. Stockton (Eliza Jane Pace) was born near Newbern, Tenn., Dec. 20, 1857. She was the daughter of William C. and Eliza May Pace. She became an orphan in the days of the Civil War when her father, a Confederate soldier, was taken captive, wounded and later died; her mother died from shock when he was captured.

She died Oct. 30, and funeral services were in the Methodist church at Dyer--since a new church of her denomination is under construction. Rev. Glenn Finley, assisted by other local ministers, was in charge of the service. Interment was in Mount Olive Cemetery near Dyer.

She was reared by her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pace, near Newbern. She married the Rev. Joseph Thomas Stockton Sept. 17, 1874. Her husband died April 6, 1943, at the age of 91; they had celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary a few months before his death.

To this union were born 11 children, seven of whom survive. They are: Homer D. Stockton, Orlando, Fla.; E. D. Stockton, Rev. Thomas Cannon Stockton, Miss Obera Stockton and Mrs. Edna S. Jackson, all of Memphis; Mrs. A. C. Horner and Mrs. G. W. Marrs of Dyer. There are ten grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Her early years were spent during the Civil War period. She had two sons who served in World War I and four grandsons and one great grandson who served in World War II. A great grandson is now in the service.

Her entire life has been lived in Gibson and Dyer Counties. The last three years have been spent at her home place in Dyer with Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Horner.

In her early girlhood she united with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and remained a faithful member until her death. Her husband served as a minister of the church for about 70 years.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 28, 1950, page 15]

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