John M. Paisley

1841 - 1901

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

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PAISLEY .--Rev. John W. [sic] Paisley was born May 7, 1841, and departed this life July 1, 1901, aged 60 years, 1 month and 24 days. He professed faith in Christ at old Moriah Cumberland Presbyterian Church when eight years of age. His early consecration as a child soon attracted attention, to the extent that he was made deacon in the same church; later he was ordained ruling elder. Later he felt that there was yet a wider field of usefulness, and that God had placed upon him the solemn responsibility of preaching the gospel. He entered this field of labor about the year 1874. He continued regularly engaged in the ministry until failing health demanded his retirement from full activity. But he continued in the consecrated discharge of his Christian duty to whatever extent his health would permit, until the Lord called him from labor to reward. When he felt that the beginning of the end of his earthly career was near at hand, he exhorted his family that they should continue to love one another and not to grieve for him, because he felt that, at the brink of the Jordan, his feet were still on the rock. Then, lifting his feeble hands, he said: "I want to commend my family once more into the loving watch-care of my heavenly Father." After offering a most appropriate, beautiful and touching prayer, he said calmly to his physicians, "I am ready." He only rallied from the operation long enough to assure his loved ones that he was not going alone, but that his sister's saintly spirit was there to accompany him over the tide. The funeral services were conducted by the pastor and his brother, Rev. A. N. Eshman, of West Point, Miss., at Campbellsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church. His remains were taken to Mount Moriah for interment, where Dr. George W. Mitchell closed the service in a very impressive and touching talk and prayer.
  S. H. ESHMAN, Pastor
Campbellsville, Tenn.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, September 5, 1901, page 1118]

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