LaRoyce Brown

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1935 - 2006

LaRoyce Brown joined Boggy Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Burns Flat, Oklahoma) by letter on January 21, 1951.
[Source: Session Records of Boggy Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 11, 1935-March 5, 1951, page 200]

A call was again made for any one to offer their life for full time service to the church. Royce Brown a member of the Boggy Church responded by offering his life to the task of the Gospel Ministry. Rev. W. F. Mize asked the questions to Brother Brown on his call and he was on motion received under the care of the presbytery and the committee of Theology and Literature.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 4, 1954, page 4]

Rev. W. F. Mize moved that we proceed to license Candidates Bill Huffman, Norlan Scrudder and Royce Brown tonight. Motion seconded and carried.
Rev. Mize was in charge of the licensing and asked for those to come who felt they had been called by God for specific service.
Rev. W. E. Phillips led the congregation in Song Number 164, "Where He Leads Me," during the invitation.
Rev. Mize proceeded to license the candidates as it is given in our "Confession of Faith" while the congregation sang, "Have Thine Own Way." The congregation shook hands with the new licentiates.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 5, 1955, page 6]

Report of Committee on Theology and Literature
We your committee on Theology and Literature wish to recommend that licentiates, Royce Brown and Norlan Scrudder, be ordained to the full gospel ministry at the 11:00 o'clock service today with Rev. W. F. Mize preaching the ordination sermon, and Rev. M. L. Stegall presiding and giving the charge, M. E. Akin offering the prayer of dedication. We further recommend that Robert Moore pursue the studies that were outlined to him.
Respectfully submitted
Rev. W. F. Mize
Norris Scrudder
M. E. Akin

At 11:00 A.M. Presbytery reconvened for the ordination service. After prayer by Bro. Earl Luttrell, Rev. Mize brought the message of the morning reading I Corinthians 1: 22, 23 & 24 as basis for text. Rev. M. L. Stegall gave the charge in the ordination of the following ministers: Rev. Norlan Scrudder and Rev. LaRoyce Brown. By motion their names were entered as members of the Presbytery in good standing after the ordination service.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 3, 1956, page 2]

By motion letters granted and recommendations given to Revs. Norlan Scrudder and LaRoyce Brown.
[Source: Minutes of Greer Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 2, 1957]

A Word of Support
   Dear Editor: You would think that when a man passes the half-century mark he would have at least a few of the answers. It would seem that he should understand some of the secrets of life. It is not so with me. It seems the longer I live, fewer things are nailed down pat.
   For example, I have never been able to understand why some of the best and most dedicated disciples are called upon to suffer the most. I would like to share with you and your readers one such story.
   Sam Pinnell, my brother-in-law, and Dottie Pinnell, my sister, have had more to bear than any one couple should be asked to face.
   Sis has been sick all of her adult life. When the doctor talked to Sam and my parents after surgery, he told them that it would be only a matter of time until all of her organs would stop working. Since that time, she has been at the point of death repeatedly.
   Sam had multiple by-pass surgery after the first of this year. At that time it was discovered that his kidneys were diseased. He is now on dialysis with little hope of reprieve.
   This is a couple who have given their lives to the work of the ministry. They were not content with just this, but opened their home to four foster children. My prayer is that God will bless Sis and Sam in a special way, and that we, as a church, will show them that we love them.
   If you would like to support and encourage them, I am sure they would love to hear from you. You may write them at : Sam Pinnell, 13320 Lupine, Trona, CA 93562.
   --LaRoyce Brown, 202 North Sixth, PO Box 255, Marlow, OK 73055
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 1, 1988, page 3]


Camp Ground Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Anna, Illinois (October 1956-November 1958)

Jacksonville Mission - Jacksonville, Texas (December 1958 - April 1960)
Union Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Jacksonville, Texas (December 1958 - April 1960)

Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Dongola, Illinois (May 1960-June 1963

Camp Ground Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Anna, Illinois (April 1962-June 1963)

Medina Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Medina, Tennessee (June 1963-March 1965)

Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Fulton, Kentucky (March 7, 1965-May 1967)

Marlow Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Marlow, Oklahoma (June 1967-June 1, 1973)

Latta Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Ada, Oklahoma (June 1, 1973-May 1978)

Waddell Memorial Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Rogersville, Alabama (May 1978-1979)

Duncan Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Duncan, Oklahoma (1979-December 1983)

Dyer Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Dyer, Tennessee (January 16, 1983-November 8, 1987)

Marlow Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Marlow, Oklahoma (November 8, 1987-retired in 2002)

Peggy Brown, wife of LaRoyce Brown, pastor of Latta Church, Ada, OK, died June 16 of cancer. She is survived by her husband and four children, Dorothy Jean, Daniel James, Donna Lynne and Charles Rea.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, August 15, 1977, page 4]

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