John H. Brigham

1817 - 1852

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

A Watchman Fallen.

DIED--July 15, 1852, in Clarksville, Arkansas, the Rev. J. H. Brigham, son of James and Sarah Brigham, and a minister in the C.P. Church.

Bro. Brigham was born in Humphreys co., Tenn., August 31, 1817. He professed religion in his 19th year. The death of his Father about that time, limited his opportunity to acquire an education; he however, spent a short time in Cumberland College, Princeton, Ky. In the year 1843 he was received under the care of the Ewing (now the Charlotte) Presbytery, and was licensed to preach in the fall of '44, and ordained in '48. His social intercourse was distinguished by a generous feeling and affability, which secured the respect of the irreligious, and the love of the church. Practical piety demonstrated the power of that religion which he professed, and contributed much to his success in the ministry. He seemed to be deeply impressed with the magnitude of the work, to which his Master had called him; and to feel sensibly, his insufficiency for "these things," without Divine aid. In the pulpit he possessed a zeal, regulated by knowledge and a sound and discriminating judgement. His preaching was to the heart and conscience, rather than to the intellect and fancy, endeavoring to show Christ and his cross, rather than himself, to his hearers. During the eight years of his ministry, most of the time, he performed the self-denying and cross-bearing labor of an itinerating preacher, in the Charlotte and Nashville Presbyteries. But he did it cheerfully, making the prosperity of Zion his chief joy. He was often permitted to realise that promise made by the Savior, "lo I will be with you," and to enjoy many revivals of religion, in which he labored with success; possessing a talent for the work of the altar, in which he took great delight, seeming to enter into the feelings, and realize the condition of the penitent enquirer. In him were combined many of those amiable qualities, which endear a minister of Christ, to the church, and to his brethren in the ministry. Wishing to spend some time in Arkansas, he asked for a letter of dismission from the Charlotte Presbytery in the Spring of 1851.--All who were present seemed to realize it to be,--what time has since proved--the last farewell. His principle employment in Arkansas, was travelling and preaching. And from his correspondence with the writer of this, it appears that he was still, what he had before been,--a man who made it a matter of conscience, to be at his post, to stay at his post.

He was attacked with Typhoid Fever, and after some weeks, seemed to be recovering; but on the twenty-ninth day of his illness, was taken with Hemorrhage, and died in a few hours; so ended the life of one, of whom it may be, emphatically said, he was a good man, a devoted and useful minister. His work is done.--He has gone to his reward, and left a widowed mother, brothers, sisters and many relatives and friends to mourn his absence. Although it was his lot to fall at a distance from most of his friends, they should not sorrow for him, but remember that, "blessed are they who die in the Lord."

[Source: Banner of Peace, and Cumberland Presbyterian Advocate, January 28, 1853, page 4]

Candidate - Ewing Presbytery (Tennessee) [Middle Tennessee Synod]

1844 Fall
Licensed - Ewing Presbytery (Tennessee) [Middle Tennessee Synod]

Licentiate - Nashville Presbytery [Middle Tennessee Synod]

Licentiate - Nashville Presbytery [Middle Tennessee Synod]

Licentiate - Nashville Presbytery [Middle Tennessee Synod]

Ordained - Charlotte Presbytery [Middle Tennessee Synod]

Minister - Charlotte Presbytery [Cumberland Synod]

Minister -Charlotte Presbytery [Cumberland Synod]

1851 Spring
minister - Charlotte Presbytery [Cumberland Synod]

1851 Fall
Minister - Arkansas Presbytery [Arkansas Synod]

minister - Ewing Presbytery [Arkansas Synod]

Brigham Family Information


James Brigham
[son of ? Brigham and ? ?]
wife: Sarah ?
[daughter of ? ? and ? ?]

Children of James Brigham and Sarah ?Brigham:

1. John H. Brigham
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

born: 31 August 1817 - Humphreys County, Tennessee
died: 15 July 1852 - Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas

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