Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee

1974 - 1987

Nashville Presbytery
Tennessee Synod


Former Name Parkwood Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1963-1974

Merged with St. Luke Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Madison, Tennessee) January 1, 1988

A resolution from Parkwood Church was received. On motion, the resolution changing the name of Parkwood Church to Parkway Church was adopted, marked appendix "A" and filed.

To: Nashville Presbytery meeting at the Mt. Denson Cumberland Presbyterian Church
From: The Session of Parkwood Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Dear Fathers and Brethren:
Whereas, Parkwood Church was formed by Nashville Presbytery in 1961 with the understanding that it would be located in the center of a large subdivision to be known as Parkwood Estates, and;
Whereas, this proposed sub-division only partly materialized (about 50%), and that a section of this sub-division which was to included in Parkwood Estates has now been renamed Golden Valley Estates, and;
Whereas, the name "Parkwood" tends to lead people to believe that we are a "small sub-division" church, and;
Whereas, the Church Session feels that our name should identify us with the larger immediate area around us (Maplewood, Hillhurts, Bellshire, Dalemere, Whites Creek, Brekenridge Valley and Joelton), and;
Whereas, our physical land area is changing so that the church building is located at the intersection of Briley Parkway and I-24,
Be it therefore resolved, that Parkwood Church be allowed to change its name officially to Parkway Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
The Session unanimously adopted this resolution on September 8, 1974.
[Source: Minutes of Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, September 24, 1974, pages 10 & 13]


Rev. Mace Jett presented a resolution to merge the Parkway and St. Luke Churches and asked that it be acted on as first business following lunch. On motion the docket was changed and the resolution accepted.

Whereas, the Parkway Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been in a state of declining membership for the past eleven years and realizes its limited opportunity for outreach and growth in its present location due to the social and geographical changes that have taken place over the past several years,
Whereas, the Parkway Church lacks the necessary resources to relocate to a location more favorable to growth, AND
Whereas, the session and a majority of the active members of the Parkway Church feel that they can render a more effective ministry and witness by merging with another church and have discussed the possibility of such a merger with the St. Luke Cumberland Presbyterian Church, AND
Whereas, the St. Luke Church has expressed a strong desire to enter into such a merger and that such a merger would greatly enhance their ministry and witness at a time when they are experiencing substantial growth.
THEREFORE, be it resolved that Nashville Presbytery approve the following plan for the merger of the Parkway Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the St. Luke Cumberland Presbyterian Church:
(1) Effective Date of Merger
     (1.1) That the effective date of merger be January 1, 1988.
     (1.20 That on the effective date of merger all members of the Parkway Church be placed on the roll of the St. Luke Church. Active and inactive members will be given the opportunity to have their church letters transferred to the church of their choice.
     (1.3) That on the Sunday following the effective date of merger there will be a ceremony of merger which will be presided over by the Presbyterial Board of Missions. This would be during the morning worship hour and will include symbolic acts of becoming one church, of transfer of members and of transfer of pastoral responsibilities.
(2) Property
     (2.1) That all property and assets of the Parkway Church be transferred to the St. Luke Church at the effective date of merger.
     (2.2) That the St. Luke Church be the trustees of the Parkway Church property with the responsibility of securing the property.
     (2.3) That the St. Luke Session be given Presbyterial approval to have the property appraised and be given Presbyterial approval to sell the property.
     (2.4) That the proceeds from the sale of the Parkway property be used to build a Family Life Center at St. Luke. This building will be named the Parkway Center or the Parkway Building.
(3) Pastoral relationships
     (3.1) That at the effective date of merger the Rev. Don Winn be the pastor of the merged St. Luke/Parkway congregation.
     (3.2) That at the effective date of merger the Rev. Mace Jet be given the option to serve as a staff member with St. Luke with only such duties as assigned by the St. Luke Session. His pay is to continue as per his current pay plan with the Parkway Church until March 31, 1988. His office is to be maintained at Parkway until March 31, 1988, or until the Parkway property is sold, whichever date occurs first.
(4) Session relationships
     (4.1) That the four active members of the Parkway Session serve out their present elected term as members of the St. Luke Session along with the nine members of St. Luke Session. This would increase the St. Luke Session to 13.
     (4.2) That the four active Parkway elders' terms of office be extended to April 30 following the original date of their rotation. This will allow them to follow the St. Luke date of rotation.
     (4.3) That the schedule of rotation remain the same but with only three elders being elected each year. The St. Luke Session would end up with nine elders at the end of the 13 elders' term.
[Source: Minutes of Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 27, 1987, pages 32 & 45]

After 3 1/2 years of having the property on the market and after considering over a dozen proposals for purchase of the property, St. Luke session sold the Parkway property to Victory Baptist Church of Nashville for a sale price of $242,500 on August 5, 1991. The terms of the sale were $10,000 down, 1/2 the Realtor commission waived ($7,500), $1,500 a month for 36 months and a final payment of $180,000 on August 5, 1994.

The Victory Baptist Church is a vibrant and growing black congregation led by the Rev. Kenneth Dupree. We believe that they will have a successful ministry in that area.

St. Luke's commitment to the Presbytery was to give $50,000 for Presbyterial NCD upon sale of the property. We advanced Presbytery $20,000 in 1990 for the Franklin NCD project. We request that we pay the additional $30,000 when the final balloon payment is made on or before August 5, 1994.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns about the sale of this property.

Respectfully submitted: Don Winn, moderator of St. Luke Session.
[Source: Minutes of Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 29, 1991, page 46]

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