Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery

[of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church]

July 27-28, 1810


     The Intermediate Presbytery met at Suggs' Creek, on the 27th of July, 1810, agreeably to appointment, to hear trials from Mr. David Foster, preparatory to his ordination, and Thomas Calhoon, preparatory to his licensure. Members present: The Rev. Finis Ewing, Samuel King, Hugh Kirkpatrick, and James B. Porter; Chatham Ewing and John Gilmore, Elders. Mr. Finis Ewing was chosen Moderator, and Mr. Porter, Clerk. Constituted by prayer.
   Presbytery heard sermons, as parts of trials, delivered by Mr. Foster and Mr. Calhoon, both of which were sustained.
   Presbytery adjourned to meet to-night at Mr. Roach's, at candle-light.
   Mr. Calhoon was examined on English grammar and divinity, which examinations were sustained. The Moderator accordingly proceeded, after Mr. Calhoon had adopted the Confession of Faith, except the idea of fatality, and the Discipline of the Presbytery Church, as exercised by Cumberland Presbytery, the Presbytery did, and do hereby, license him, the said Thomas Calhoon, to preach the gospel of Christ, as a probationer for the holy ministry, within the bounds of this Presbytery, or wherever he shall be orderly called.
   Presbytery examined Mr. Foster on English grammar, natural and moral philosophy, geography, astronomy, church history, and divinity, which examinations were sustained.
   Presbytery adjourned, by prayer, to meet at the meeting-house to-morrow morning at nine o'clock.

JULY 28.
   Presbytery met according to adjournment. Members present as on yesterday. Opened with prayer.
   Mr. Kirkpatrick preached the ordination sermon, after which the necessary questions, contained in the Discipline, being put to Mr. Foster, who answered them in the affirmative, the Presbytery proceeded agreeably to the usage of the Church and form in the Discipline, solemnly to set him, David Foster, apart, by prayer and imposition of hands, to the whole work of the gospel ministry. Concluded with prayer.
   Given under our hands, this 28th day of July, 1810.
                                         FINIS EWING, Moderator.
   JAMES B. PORTER, Clerk.


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