Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery

[of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church]

July 20 - 21, 1810


   The Intermediate Presbytery met at Mr. Robert Bell's, on Bean's Creek, of Elk River, the 20th of July, 1810, agreeably to appointment, for the purpose of hearing trials preparatory to Mr. Bell's ordination. Members present: The Reverend Messrs. Finis Ewing, Samuel King, Hugh Kirkpatrick, and James B. Porter, and Elders Chatham Ewing and John Gilmore. Mr. Ewing was appointed Moderator and Mr. Porter Clerk. Constituted with prayer.
   Mr. Bell delivered a sermon from the subject assigned him last Presbytery, which was unanimously sustained.
   Presbytery adjourned, by prayer, to meet to-morrow morning at nine o'clock.

JULY 21.
   Presbytery met agreeably to adjournment. Members present as on yesterday. Opened with prayer.
   Presbytery examined Mr. Bell on the various parts or branches of literature which are required by the Constitution of Cumberland Presbytery, which examinations were sustained. Mr. Ewing preached the ordination sermon, and after requiring him to answer the necessary questions in the Discipline, proceeded (agreeably to the usages of the Church and form in Discipline) solemnly to set him, Robert Bell, apart by prayer and imposition of hands, to the whole work of the gospel ministry; the whole concluded with prayer.
   Given under our hands, this 21st day of July, 1810.
                        FINIS EWING, Moderator.
   JAMES B. PORTER, Clerk.


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