Minutes of Cumberland Presbytery

[of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church]

Intermediate Presbytery

February 19 - 20, 1813


  The intermediate Presbytery met according to appointment, at the Three Forks of Duck River, on Friday, the 19th of February, 1813.
   Mr. Robert Donnell delivered a discourse from Rom. VII, 3, 4, Mr. David McLin delivered a discourse from Heb. II, 3. Constituted by prayer. Members present: Messrs. William McGee, Samuel King, Robert Bell, David Foster, and James B. Porter.
   Presbytery proceeded to choose a moderator and clerk: Mr. Bell was chosen moderator, Mr. Porter clerk.
   Mr. Donnell's and Mr. McLin's discourses were sustained. Presbytery proceeded to examine them on Theology, English Grammar, Geography, Natural and Moral Philosophy, Astronomy, and Church History, which were sustained as parts of trial previous to ordination.
   Adjourned by prayer, to meet to-morrow, twelve o'clock.

   Presbytery met according to adjournment. Constituted by prayer.
   Mr. Porter delivered the ordination sermon, according to appointment, from Mark XVI, 15. Mr. McGee proceeded to preside in the ordination. The probationers having answered the necessary questions, agreeably to our order, and their moral character standing fair, the Presbytery did set apart the said Robert Donnell and David McLin to the whole work of the ministry, by imposition of hands and solemn prayer. Afterwards a solemn charge was given, the whole concluded by prayer.
   Feb. 20, 1813.                                                             DAVID FOSTER, Moderator, pro tem.
   JAMES B. PORTER, Clerk.


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