Nashville Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1813 - 1884

October 5, 1813
Ordered, that the name of the Cumberland Presbytery be altered, and be hereafterward called by the name of the Nashville Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 5, 1813]


October 22, 1819
Nashville Presbytery's bounds extended.
Resolved, That the present bounds of Nashville Presbytery be extended; beginning at the mouth of Half-pone, on the Cumberland river, running with said river to the Ohio river; with said river to the Mississippi; with said river to the South boundary of the State of Tennessee; with said line until a due North course would strike the mouth of Duck river; thence up said river to Columbia; thence along the Franklin road until it shall intersect the present line between Elk and Nashville Presbyteries.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 22, 1819]


October 16, 1822
Resolved, That a small portion of country belonging to the Nashville Presbytery be stricken off and attached to the Anderson Presbytery, according to the following metes and boundaries, viz.: beginning at the town of Dover, in Stewart county, State of Tennessee, extending along the Cumberland river so as to include the town; running thence a west course to the mouth of Sandy river; thence down the Tennessee river to its mouth; thence up the Ohio river to the mouth of the Cumberland river.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 16, 1822]


October 17, 1822
Resolved, therefore, That the said society of Falling creek be stricken off from the Lebanon Presbytery and attached to the Nashville Presbytery.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 17, 1822]


October 22, 1824
Resolved, That the part of Nashville Presbytery which lies west of the Tennessee river, is hereby stricken off, and the Rev. Messrs. William Barnett, Samuel Harris, John C. Smith, and Richard Beard, compose a Presbytery in said bounds, to be known as the Hopewell Presbytery, to be constituted at Bethel meeting-house, in Carroll county, and State of Tennessee, on the third Tuesday in April, 1825, William Barnett, Moderator, or, in case of his absence, Samuel Harris.

[Source: Minutes of Cumberland Synod, October 22, 1824]

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