Our United Outreach


Welcome friends!

How does the Cumberland Presbyterian Church fund its Boards, Agencies and Ministries?  Through Our United Outreach.  What, exactly, is Our United Outreach?  Here’s what it isn’t:  It isn’t a tax, an assessment, “dues” or an apportionment.  No one receives an invoice in the mail.  No collector comes to your door.  What we give is a voluntary natural reaction to the grace we have received.

One of the most compelling definitions of Our United Outreach was crafted in 1985.  “Our United Outreach is nothing less than ‘one, holy, apostolic church’ providing for the ‘mutual sharing of...gifts so that all may be enriched’.  It purpose is to provide for a grateful response to God in an orderly and responsible manner.  And because it is expressive of the church’s unity, to support one aspect of the church’s life is to support the whole of it.”

Yes, that’s it.  Our United Outreach is an expression of who we are as Cumberland Presbyterians.  It is an open and transparent system of making sure our ministries go forward.  Click on all the tabs of this website and check out all the information.  And please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments.

God Bless!

Rev. Cliff Hudson
Director of Development


Checks may be mailed to:

Cumberland Presbyterian Center

Attn: Our United Outreach

8207 Traditional Place

Cordova, TN  38016