Judiciary Committee


The Judiciary Committee consists of nine (9) persons elected by the General Assembly in such a manner that, immediately following any election, the committee shall have at least four members (4) who are ordained ministers and at least three (3) members who are licensed attorneys-at-law. The Stated Clerk shall be staff liaison to the committee, attending its meetings and providing resources and counsel.

The committee shall meet at least annually upon the call of its chairperson or the Stated Clerk.

The committee shall provide advice and counsel to the Stated Clerk. Upon the written request of any judicatory or denominational entity made to the chairperson or Stated Clerk, the committee shall render an advisory opinion on matters of church law or procedure. The chairperson shall secure the views of all members of the committee and write the advisory opinion based on the majority view of the members. The committee shall not render legal opinions on matters of civil law nor otherwise engage in the practice of law.

At least one member of the committee shall attend each meeting of the General Assembly to advise with its officers and Commissioners on matters of church law or procedure. At the Moderator’s request a member of the committee shall be available to advise the Moderator during the business sessions of the General Assembly.

The committee shall be a commission within the meaning of section 2.5 of the Rules of Discipline to hear and determine appeals from synods.