Waynesburg College

Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania

A Cumberland Presbyterian College from 1850-1906

Waynesburg University today

Early History
Waynesburg University and the town in which it is located are named for the Revolutionary War hero, General "Mad" Anthony Wayne. The College was created by combining the assets of Greene Academy in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, and Madison College at Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Greene Academy, closely tied to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was founded in 1810 to bring higher education to those of limited means, and especially those called to Christian Ministry.

During the same period, Madison College was established in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, by the Methodist Church. However, by 1838, when three Cumberland Presbyterian ministers, John Morgan, A. M. Bryan, and Milton Bird, arrived in Uniontown, Madison College had ceased to function. The three clergy secured control of the College and, in its reconstituted form, Madison operated until 1846.

In April 1849, the Pennsylvania Presbytery, meeting in Greenfield, Washington County, established a committee to found a new college. The committee, comprised of The Reverend J. H. D. Henderson, General Jesse Lazar, and Samuel Moredock, Esq., chose Waynesburg as the site of the new college. The Reverend Joshua Loughran of Greene Academy was named Waynesburg's first president. The first classes were held in September, 1849, in the old Hayes Building at the corner of High and Washington Streets.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania chartered Waynesburg College on March 25, 1850. In autumn of the same year, the University building now known as Hanna Hall was begun; it was completed a year later. A Female Seminary connected with the College was also established in 1850 and its first classes were held in the Baptist Church.

Periodicals in the Historical Library and Archives
of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

The Athenian

1912 [2 copies]


The Mad Anthony

1935 [1 copy]
1936 [1 copy]

1938 [1 copy]

1940 [1 copy]
1941 [1 copy]

1948 [1 copy]
1949 [2 copies]
1950 [3 copies]
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1976 [1 copy]
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The Waynesburg College Yellow Jacket
(A magazine published by the students of Waynesburg College)

Vol. 2, No. 4 (March 1926) [1 copy]
Commencement Number 1927 [3 copies]
Senior Number 1928 [2 copies]


Waynesburg College Alumni Directory

1966 [1 copy]

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