Cumberland University

Theological Department


Middle Theological Class - 1897



Middle Class



C. L. Dickey

Vice President

A. W. Denny


Will T. Swaim




 H. N. Barbee

LL.B., Cumberland Univeristy;
Kappa Sigma

Memphis, Tenn.

A. R. Brown

A.B., Southern Illinois College;

Elsah, Ill.

C. M. Collins

A.M., Lincoln Univeristy;
Kappa Sigma; Heurethelian;
Amphion Quartette

Macomb, Ill.

W. L. Darby

A.B., Cumberland University;
Kappa Sigma; Heurethelian;
Phoenix Board '95 and '96;
Amphion Quartette;
Delegate to Sinter Seminary Missionary Alliance

 Evansville, Ind.

 A. W. Denny

A.B., Lincoln University
Class Vice President; Class President '96

Sorento, Ill.

C. L. Dickey

A.B., Cumberland University; II K A;
Heurethelian; Phoenix Board '96;
Class President

 Protemus, Tenn.

G. W. Fender

A.B., Trinity University;
II K A; Heurethelian

Rockwall, Tex.

Sing Quah Gam

Cumberland University

Canton, China

B. A. Hodges

Cumberland University; Heurethelian

Pirtle, Tex.

J. H. King

Cumberland University; Caruthers

Wingo, Ky.

Sterling Park

A.B., Trinity University; Heurethelian

Italy, Tex.

Will T. Swaim

Cumberland University; Caruthers;
Phoenix Board '07; Class Secretary

Bethel Springs, Tenn.

 F. H. Vogan

Ph.B., Grove City College

Kilgore, Pa.

[Source: The Phoenix, 1897, pages 15-18 (Cumberland University Annual)]

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