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Middle Theological Class - 1896

Middle Theological Class


Middle Class


 C. D. Bates
Not in Class Picture

Boonsboro, Ark.

 A. W. Henderson
Not in Class Picture

B.S. (Pleasant Academy)

 Morrisville, Mo.

 J. F. Lackey  

Bethany, Ill.


Special Students

 Mrs. H. J. Brown

Elsa, Ill.

A. L. Good

Sacramento, Ky.

N. D. Hanks

Boonsboro, Ark.

R. W. Dowell

Fayetteville, Ark. 

J. G. House

Enfield, Ill.

Mrs. M. M. Malloy

Fayetteville, Ark.

J. N. Steele

New Hope, Mo.


[Source: The Phoenix, 1896, pages 45 (Cumberland University Annual)]

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