Cumberland University

Theological Department


Junior Theological Class - 1896

Junior Class


 President A. W. Denny
 Vice President  C. L. Dickey
 Secretary  H. N. Barbee
 Treasurer  G. W. Fender




 T. J. Baker  

Oakland, Miss.

H. N. Barbee

LL.B., Cumberland University;
K Sigma; Class Secretary;
Treasurer Missionary Society

 Memphis, Tenn.

 A. R. Brown

A.B., Southern Illinois College

Elsah, Ill.

W. J. Bruce

A.B., Cumberland University;
Heurethelian; Class President '95

 West Nashville, Tenn.

C. M. Collins

K Sigma; Heurethelian

Macomb, Ill.

 W. L. Darby

A.B. Cumberland Univeristy;
K Sigma; Heurethelian;
PHOENIX Board '95 and '96;
Sub. 'Varsity Nine '95;
Vice President Missionary Society

Evansville, Ind.

T. W. Davidson

A.B., Cumberland University;
Caruthers; Class Treasurer '95;
Superintendent Divinity Hall '95;
Corresponding Secretary Y.M.C.A. '95

 Hutton Valley, Mo.

A. W. Denny

A.B., Lincoln University;
Class President

Sorento, Ill.

C. L. Dickey

A.B., Cumberland University; II K A;
Caruthers; PHOENIX Board '96;
Class Vice President; Class Orator;
Vice President Y.M.C.A. '95

Protemus, Tenn.

G. W. Fender

A.B., Trinity University;
Class Treasurer; Heurethelian

Rockwall, Texas

Sing Quah Gam  

Canton, China

B. A. Hodges


Pirtle, Texas

J. H. King

Superintendent Divinity Hall

Wingo, Ky.

A. R. McClelland  

Paris, Texas

Sterling Park

A.B., Trinity University;

Italy, Texas

W. T. Swain

Caruthers; Class Treasurer '95

Bethel Springs, Tenn.


[Source: The Phoenix, 1896, pages 46-47 (Cumberland University Annual)]

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