Bethel College Seal

McKenzie, Carroll County, Tennessee

During the administration of President Whitmer the College adopted for its use a seal for the marking of its important papers. The following is a description of the seal as given in the minutes of the Board of Education:

"The seal of Bethel College is circular in shape, being made of two concentric circulars. The distance between the inner and the outer circular is about one fourth of the diameter of the inner circle. The following words are written in the upper half of the space between the two circulars: 'On the faith of our Fathers we have risen.' In the lower half of this space are these words, 'Bethel College.' All the words are in English Script. The inner circle in divided into two inner parts by a bar which lies parallel to the base of the seal. In the upper half of the inner circle so divided, there is a picture of the new administration building under which are the numbers of the year 1924. In the lower half of the inner circle is the picture of the Log House, and under this picture are the numbers of the year 1810. The size of this seal may vary according to its use as for stationery, diplomas, etc."

["Minutes of the Board of Education Executive Committee, April 1, 1924]

[Smartt, Charles Hinkley and Archie D. Smith. "The First One Hundred Years of the History of Bethel College." B.D. thesis, Cumberland Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 1944, page 101]


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