Historical Library and Archives
Cumberland Presbyterian Churches

1. Researchers and other patrons are required to sign the guest register each day they are in the Historical Library and Archives.
2. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted.
3. No marking of any type is permitted on documents. The use of fountain or ball-point pens is discouraged. The use of pencils for taking notes is encouraged.
4. Care must be taken in the handling of fragile documents. Many items are old, valuable, and easily damaged. Please turn pages slowly and carefully.
5. The preservation of the existing order of materials must be maintained. Please notify the Director of any apparent misplacement.
6. The archives collection does not normally circulate. However, exceptions may be made by the Director when the circumstances warrant.
7. All responsibility for infringement of legal authorship rights and/or copyright is assumed by the user of the materials.
8. Photocopies are available for the majority of materials preserved by the Historical Library and Archives. However, permission for photocopying must be obtained from the Director. A fee, not exceeding the cost of the service, may be charged for photocopying. Such charges are solely in payment for actual costs and do not constitute a use fee.
9. Permission to publish any materials housed in the Historical Library and Archives in their entirety or in a substantial portion shall be requested in writing prior to publication.
10. All briefcases, large handbags, or similar containers are subject to inspection by the Director or anyone appointed by her/him when researchers or other users leave the Historical Library and Archives.