Savannah Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1899 - 1900

Report 1 of the Committee on Change of Presbyteries of Tennessee Synod
13 presbyteries are to be formed, including the Presbytery of Savannah, which "shall include all of the territory within the boundary lines of the counties of Wayne, Hardin, Perry, McNairy and Decatur". These changes were to take effect at the adjournment of the 1899 meeting of Tennessee Synod.
[Source: Minutes of Tennessee Synod, October 17-20, 1899, page 26]

The following congregations are included in the new Savannah Presbytery:

Adamsville (I. W. Brown, Adamsville, Tenn. - session clerk; W. J. Williams - pastor)
Alder Grove (J. B. Jones - Savannah, Tenn. - session clerk)
Antioch (G. W. Smith, Saltillo, Tenn. - session clerk)
Ashland (J. A. Walker, Ashland, Tenn. - session clerk)
Beacon (J. J. Douglass, Beacon, Tenn. - session clerk; W. T. Mosely - pastor)
Bethlehem (S. S. Hudiburg, Olivehill, Tenn. - session clerk; J. R. Alexaner - pastor)
Clifton (W. A. Hughes, Clifton, Tenn. - session clerk)
Corinth (W. H. Taylor, Hydro, Tenn. - session clerk)
Mt. Herman (J. M. White, Savannah, Tenn. - session clerk; T. N. Smith - pastor)
Mt. Joy (J. H. Taylor, Parson, Tenn. - session clerk; A. M. C. Gossett - pastor)
Mt. Pisgah (H. C. Harbert, Morris Chapel, Tenn. - session clerk)
Mt. Sharon (H. A. Pettigrew, Stantonville, Tenn. - session clerk; G. J. Carmen - pastor)
Mt. Tabor (W. I. Bivens, Gibbs, Tenn. - session clerk)
Mt. Vernon (T. C. Young, Gravel Hill, Tenn. - session clerk; B. C. Scruggs - pastor)
Mt. Zion (J. T. Tate, Stantonville, Tenn. - session clerk)
Mud Creek Valley (J. E. Perry, Adamsville, Tenn. - session clerk)
New Bethel (Jams Dunaway, Falcon, Tenn. - session clerk)
Nixon (J. D. Yeiser, Nixon, Tenn. - session clerk)
Olive Grove (J. B. Webb, Floyville, Tenn. - session clerk)
Pinhook (J. D. Sticklin, Lutts, Tenn. - session clerk; J. R. Alexander - pastor)
Ramer (J. S. Ramer, Ramer, Tenn. - session clerk; B. C. Scruggs - pastor)
Ross (J. T. Maddox, Maddox, Tenn. - session clerk; R. H. Craig - pastor)
Savannah (W. T. Roundtree, Savannah, Tenn. - session clerk; R. H. Craig - pastor)
Selmer (J. W. Parviance, Selmer, Tenn. - session clerk; B. C. Scruggs - pastor)
Shady Grove No. 1 (W. A. Johnson, Clifton, Tenn. - session clerk)
Shady Grove No. 2 ( J. G. Montgomery, Saltillo, Tenn. - session clerk)
Union Grove (J. G. Combs, Purdy, Tenn. - session clerk)
Waynesboro (H. A. Helton, Waynesboro, Tenn. - session clerk)
Wessons Chapel (S. J. Wesson, Sugartree, Tenn. - session clerk)
Willoughby (J. G. Andrews , Savannah, Tenn. - session clerk; G. W. Crutcher - pastor)

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1900, page 149a]

Savannah Presbytery consolidated with Madison Presbytery in Tennessee Synod. "We recommend further, that the united Presbytery composed of Madison and Savannah presbyteries, to be known as Madison Presbytery, hold its first meeting at Clifton, Tenn., on Saturday before the first Sunday in December next at 11 a.m., and that the Rev. J. R. Alexander be appointed Moderator, and Rev. J. G. Anderson be appointed Clerk."
[Source: Minutes of the Tennessee Synod, October 30-November 2, 1900, page 26]

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