Louisville Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1898 - 1906

Kentucky Synod 1898 - 1906

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Name changed from Kentucky Presbytery in 1898.

" That all the other counties in the State shall be included in two Presbyteries, and the line between them shall be the northerly lines of Hart, Larue, Taylor, Casey, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Jackson, Owsley, Breathitt, Magoffin, Johnson, and Martin counties. The Presbytery north of this line shall be known as Louisville Presbytery and the Presbytery south of this line as Cumberland Presbytery.

You will notice that the boundaries of Presbyteries by this arrangement correspond in each case with county lines. This will prove a great convenience. By this plan Mayfield, Cumberland and Kentucky Presbyteries remain practically unchanged, except that the name of the latter is changed to Louisville."
[source: Minutes of Kentucky Synod, October 27-29, 1898, page 25]

"The line between the Louisville and Owensboro Presbyteries is so changed as to place Hardin and Meade Counties in the Owensboro Presbytery. In consequence of this change, Revs. J.W. Eanes, S.D. Scott and Thurmond Richardson, and the following congregations, viz.: Needham, New Union, Mt. Pisgah and White Mills, are transferred to the Owensboro Presbytery." [source: Minutes of Kentucky Synod, October 25-28, 1898, page 6]

"The following Memorial was received from Bethel congregation, Louisville Presbytery, praying that it be admitted into Cumberland Presbytery. The request therein was duly considered by Synod and upon order thereof the whole of the territory occupied by Louisville Presbytery is added to the bounds of Cumberland Presbytery and made part of said Cumberland Presbytery, and it is further ordered that the congregations therein be enrolled with the congregations of Cumberland Presbytery:

To the Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Kentucky:
Dear Fathers and Brethren-- We, the Session of Bethel C.P. Church, located in the bounds of Louisville Presbytery of Kentucky, and being the only church that has stood loyal to the Cumberland doctrine, do hereby memorialize your august body to include the bounds of Louisville Presbytery with that of Cumberland Presbytery, that we may be under the care of the aforesaid Presbytery.
By order of Session D. R. TERHUNE, Clerk.
This October 26th, 1912."
[source: Minutes of Kentucky Synod, October 29-31, 1912, page 7]

Listing of Minutes

1898 September 29-October 1
Pleasant Grove, Kentucky
Modertor - Rev. U. W. MacMillan
Stated Clerk - J. S. Coke
[source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 3, 1898, page 557]

1899 April
Bethel Church
[source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 3, 1898, page 557]








Louisville Presbytery in 1906

 Name of Church

Clerk of the Session and Post Office

Minister Now in Charge


D. R. Terhune
Harrodsburg, Kentucky

J. C. Gilliam


E. E. Walters
Clark, Kentucky

None Listed


A. I. Caldwell
Danville, Kentucky

None Listed


E. R. Hall
Levee, Kentucky

A. E. Carnahan


J. S. Coke
McBrayer, Kentucky

None Listed

 Louisville, Broadway

Y. W. Yenawine
Louisville, Kentucky

 T. N. Williams

 Louisville, Oak Street

P. M. Collier
Louisville, Kentucky

U. W. McMillan


Samuel Owens
Junction City, Kentucky

W. B. McDonald

 Pleasant Grove

P. E. Bates
Buechel, Kentucky

E. W. Graves


Leonard Taylor
Forkland, Kentucky

None Listed

Walnut Flat

None Listed

None Listed


M. S. Browne
Winchester, Kentucky

None Listed

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