Canton Presbytery

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1924 - 1974

1924 - Canton Presbytery organized October 24, 1924

In 1924, at the request of Rev. McAdow Gam and the Woman's Board of Missions, the General Assembly commissioned Rev. D. W. Fooks to represent the General Assembly and the Woman's Board of Missions in the organization of a presbytery in China to be known as Canton Presbytery. It also requested Texas Synod to take the necessary steps to order the organization of the presbytery. Gam and Fooks were commissioned to organize the presbytery by receiving the Rev. Leung Wing Gan from the Alliance Mission and the Rev. Ug Shek-hing from the American Swedish Mission. The new presbytery was to be attached to Texas Synod. Acting under these instructions, appropriate action having been taken by the synod, Canton Presytery was organized in Canton on October 24, 1924. Five ministes were were enrolled as members: Rev. D. W. Fooks, Rev. McAdow Gam, Leung, Ho Qui Dok, and Low Don Foo. Seven congregations were enrolled.

1974 - Canton Presbytery dissolved, members and congregations attached to Pacific Presbytery

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