Vance Otis Shultz

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1914 - 1989

Rev. Vance Otis Shultz and Annie Kate Hendren Shultz

Vance Shultz killed in auto wreck

The Rev. Vance Shultz, a former missionary to Colombia, South America died as a result of injuries received in an automobile accident in January. Mr. Shultz and his wife, Annie Kate Hendren Shultz, were living in Hodgenville, KY at the time of the accident. Mrs. Shultz was not seriously injured.

Vance and Annie Kate Shultz went to the mission field in Colombia in 1944, remaining there until 1960. Their years in South America were years of rapid growth and development. Mr. Shultz was instrumental in the organization of the Cartago, La Floresta and Alameda congregations. He also directed the Colombian Mission School for six years.

Born in Emory, TX, July 29, 1914, Mr. Shultz was reared in the Methodist Church. Mr. Shultz joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Joinersville, TX in 1936. Deciding to enter the ministry, he attended Bethel College and the Cumberland Presbyterian Seminary, from which he graduated in 1942.

In the United States, Mr. Shultz pastored churches in Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and Kentucky. He also taught at the University of Kentucky at Fort Knox. Mrs. Shultz was a public school teacher.

Vance and Annie Kate Shultz (above) have four children, John Thomas, Sara Vance, Charles Douglas, and William Otis.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, April 1, 1989, page 4]

A Tribute to Vance Shultz
From Gerardo Munoz, Armenia

We were said to read the news of the death of Vance Shultz in a January 11 auto accident. It was a pleasure having the Shultz family in Colombia 16 years ago, and to have Vance Shultz helping in the Colegio Americano and in the Central Church in Cali. He was for us a nice person. We will not forget his help when we studied in the Matanzas Seminary, Cuba as I prepared for the ministry, September, 1960. I will not forget the piano that Vance sold to my wife at a very low price. She taught many boys and girls with this instrument and as time went by, it was a great help in church programs.

Rev. Shultz was a kind-hearted person, full of good works. He helped very much on August 7, 1956, during the night disaster in Calif, when exploding dynamite devastated the Cali area north. He provided emergency relief to those victimized by the terrible explosion, with wounded and dying persons everywhere.
[Source: The Missionary Messenger, April 1989, page 11]

In Memory of
the Following Ministers


Name--Age: Shultz, Vance--Age 79
Date of Death: January 11, 1989
Presbytery: Cumberland

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1990, page 4]

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