John Henderson Parnell

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1859 - 1898

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PARNELL.--Rev. J. H. Parnell was born July 14, 1859; died January 20, 1898; professed religion in 1868; joined the Obion Presbytery in the spring of 1882 at Bethlehem, Obion County, Tenn. He was married in the spring of 1888 to Miss Maggie Vernon and to them were born three children. Little Oby preceded his father to the glory land about three years. He received his education at Bethel College. Brother John was loved by those he served. He always had work. The writer held several meetings for him, and I never knew a preacher who was loved more than he by his people. As a preacher he was a success, because he lived in touch with God. Like many other preacher boy he was poor and to him does the church owe the honor of our now present Board of Education, because it was he who organized the plan upon which it is now run. The writer preached his funeral at New Bethlehem on July 11 to a large concourse of friends. Brother John leaves a wife and two little children to mourn their loss, with father, mother, sister and brother and a host of friends, being poor and wise he had a policy of $2,000 upon his life, and left his family in a condition beyond that of a great many other preachers. And to the bereaved ones we would say, Fight on, until our Captain shall say unto you, It is enough, come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you.
J. A. McILWAIN, Troy, Tenn.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian]

Ordained Ministers Deceased
Name: Parnell, J. H.
Occupation: charge
Presbytery: Memphis
Place of Residence: Brighton, Tenn.
Date: Jan. 1898
Age: 38
[Source: Minutes of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1898, page 163]

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