Cornelius Gregory MacPherson

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1806 - 1899

An Aged and Honored Minister Dead.

The dispatches announce the death of Rev. C. G. MacPherson, at his home in Louisville, Ky., January 8. Mr. MacPherson was at one time well-known in our church for his eminent ability as a preacher, teacher and journalist. He was in his 93d year. His death was the result of the grip. The Associated Press dispatches say of him: "Mr. MacPherson was one of the most remarkable men in Louisville, where he had made his home since 1874. Though for many years he had not actively engaged in any ministerial work, he was deeply and actively interested in the affairs of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, being the oldest living minister of that body. Mr. MacPherson was born in Halifax County, North Carolina. Mr. MacPherson closed his career as a teacher at Memphis, where he owned and conducted the Memphis Female College for many years. Meanwhile, however, he had served as pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Huntsville, Ala., had been the assistant editor-in fact, the editor-of 'The Cumberland Presbyterian,:' published at Nashville, and had done various other literary work besides preaching regularly. It throws a strong side light on his character to say that he preached to the convicts in the Nashville penitentiary, and that his ministerial offices were constantly sought by those outside the pale of any church."

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, January 12, 1899, page 36]

-The funeral services of the late Rev. Dr. C. G. MacPherson, Louisville, Ky., were conducted January 10 in the Oak Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church of that city, Rev. Drs. S. M. Hamilton and Chas. R. Hemphill assisting the pastor, Rev. U.W. MacMillan. Dr. MacPherson was 92 years of age, probably at his death the oldest Cumberland Presbyterian minister. We have been promised a history of his life and labors.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, February 2, 1899, page 144]

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