James Marshall

1812 - c1907

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister


His Last Message to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

I was born December 5, 1812, and since my earliest recollection, I have loved the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We spent our infancy and youth together, and now as I reach the age of infirmity and stand at the brink of Death's River, it is with thankful heart, I look back over the past years and say, "Praise God for the existence of this dear church." I have been a member for seventy years, and since 1836, have in my humble way, preached the doctrines of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; and how can I raise a hand to smite her or join hands with those who are striving to destroy our beloved Zion? No, never! I agree with Rev. J. W. Poindexter, who wrote the following:

"The more I study the Cumberland Presbyterian doctrines, the more thoroughly I am convinced of their truth; the more I compare them with others, the better I love them. They have been selected with great care from various sources; all that is scriptural in time-honored Presbyterianism, all that is true in Arminianism, is found in Cumberland Presbyterianism. Our ship is constructed of the very best material the forest of revelation afforded. She is beautiful and symmetrical in all her proportions; her bottom is sound; her snow-white sails are unsoiled by human tradition; her compass is the infallible word of God; her crews are strong and cheerful; her banner is 'Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature;' her speed is unrivaled in the history of theological craft; her cargo is free salvation to all the world."

God bless the thing of life, the unrivaled queen of beauty. Speed on noble vessel, bear the precious word of life to all people! "With steady helm and prowbent sail," plow the ocean of time until the anchor shall drop within the vale! Again I say, God bless the Cumberland Presbyterian Church! I love it, I love it, and who shall dare to chide me for loving the mother that brought me forth.

[Source: Our Senior Soldiers: The Biographies and Autobiographies of Eighty Cumberland Presbyterian Preachers. Compiled by The Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication. The Assistance of Revs. J. L. Price and W. P. Kloster is Greatfully Acknowledged. Nashville, Tenn.: The Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1915, pages 306-308]

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