Lewis A. Lowry

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1824 - 1855

Presbyterian Minister 1849-1855

Lowry, Lewis A.--b. Tennessee; CenCKy, 1844; PTS, 45-6; ord, CumbP; rec'd, Pby Redstone, Sp 15, 49; ss, McChord ch, Lexington, Ky, 49; p, Winchester, 50; p, Jackson, Miss, 53-5; d. Jackson, Mr 22, 55.
[Source: Biographical Catalogue of the Princeton Theological Seminary 1815-1932. Compiled by Rev. Edward Howell Roberts. Published by the Trustees of The Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church Princeton, New Jersey, 1933, page 147]


Lowry, L. A. A Brief Account of the Great Revival of 1800, and the Origin of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Uniontown, PA: Office of the Cumberland Presbyterian, Robert W. Jones, Printer, 1847. [1 copy in archives]

Lowry, L. A. An Earnest Search for Truth: In a Series of Letters to Cumberland Presbyterians; Addressed To a Father. Introduction by Rev. Ashbel G. Fairchild. Cincinnati: John D. Thorpe, 1851
[1 copy in archives]

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