Joseph B. Lowrance

1822 - 1906

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

LOWRANCE.-Rev. Joseph B. Lowrance died October 3, 1906, in Kansas City, Mo., at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ella Williams. He was born October 23, 1822, in Maury county, Tenn., and joined a presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church while quite a young man. His early ministry was in Illinois and he labored for a time in Kansas; but the most of his work for the church was done in Missouri, having belonged to several presbyteries in this state. After his sainted wife's death, a few years ago, he lived with and was cared for by his daughter. His was a ripe sheaf, ready for the garner, having long passed the limit of our pilgrimage given by the psalmist.

--J. T. Mitchell, M.D.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, January 17, 1907, page 95]

List of Deceased Ministers

J. B. Lorance, Lexington Presbytery. Age 80.

[Source: General Assembly Minutes of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1907, page 60]

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