James King Lansden

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1803 - 1877


REV. JAMES KING LANSDEN, of Sparta Presbytery, died January 14, at 7 o'clock, A. M. For more than forty years he was a faithful minister of the word of life, and many are the seals to his ministry. He leaves children, grand children, and many warm friends to mourn his decease, which to them indeed is a loss, while to him it is a great gain. We weep, not as those who have no hope--we shall see him again on that beautiful shore.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, January 25, 1877, page 4]

REV. T. W. P.

THIS faithful and devoted minister of the gospel has finished his labors on earth, and in obedience to the call of the Master, has entered into his rest. Rev. James King Lansden was born in Iredell county, North Carolina, about the year 1803. The family moved to Tennessee in an early day. The father was taken away by death. This sad dispensation threw the responsibility of rearing and training the children upon a widowed mother, and well did she perform her duties. She had the pleasure to see three of her sons called to be standard-bearers in the army of Christ. They were all three useful and efficient ministers of the gospel in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and have gone to their reward.

Rev. James K. Lansden was ordained by the Chapman Presbytery in the year 1836. He was present and assisted in the organization of the Sparta Presbytery in the bounds of which he spent the remainder of his life. Feeling that he was called to work in the vineyard of the Master, he devoted himself to that work with a zeal which was truly commendable. He was among the first in every good word and work. His counsel and advice were always sought in every important enterprise. He was ever the friend of young men preparing for and entering upon the work of the ministry, as the writer can truthfully testify. None were more punctual in attending the meetings of Presbytery than he. According to a recent article in Our Faith, "he has missed but two meetings of his Presbytery since his ordination." No member of the Presbytery has traveled more extensively through its bounds, or rendered more efficient service in building up the cause and kingdom of the Redeemer. Many congregations owe their existence and prosperity to his self-sacrificing labors. His praise is in all the churches, and many will be the seals to his ministry in that day when Christ shall make up his jewels. Although he was poorly remunerated by those among whom he labored, he succeeded in providing for the temporal wants of a large family. He was married twice. His first wife died about the year 1845; and his last just one year previous to himself. To the efforts and self-sacrificing spirit of those noble women, he was much indebted for his success in the ministry, and also the respectability to which his children have attained.

He preached his last sermon in the town of Cookeville, Putnam county, Tennessee, on the third Sabbath in last August. He was taken sick on the following Thursday. His afflictions continued, growing worse until the morning of the 14th of January, when his sufferings closed, and his happy spirit, freed from sorrow and suffering, went up to join those who had gone before. His remains were laid in the tomb beside his dear companion, near old Zion church, amid the sobs and tears of many dear friends.

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

"Go to the grave; at eve from labor cease;
Rest on thy sheaves, thy harvest-task is done;
Come from the heat of battle, and in peace,
Soldier, go home; with thee the fight is done!"

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, February 15, 1877, page 2]


Action of Zion congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, White county, Tennessee, February 3, 1877.

WHEREAS, God, in his wisdom and goodness, has been pleased to remove from our midst, our venerable father and pastor, Rev. James K. Lansden, who has served this congregation as pastor for sixteen (16) years, with untiring energy and commendable zeal;

Resolved, That in the death of Father Lansden this congregation has lost a devoted pastor, a faithful ambassador, and a true friend.

2. That we, in humble submission, bow to the will of our Master, in taking from labor on earth to refreshment above, his faithful servant.

3. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN for publication, a copy be sent to the family of deceased, and a copy be spread on our minutes.
A. L. HOLMES, Clerk of Session.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 1, 1877, page 8]


I NOTICE in a late number of the CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN, an obituary notice of the death of Rev. James King Lansden. I knew him well. We were candidates for the ministry at the same time, standing side by side when we were licensed to preach the gospel, and also kneeled together when the Presbytery set us apart to the whole work of the ministry.

The writer of the obituary is, however, mistaken as to the Presbytery by whom he was ordained. He was both licensed and ordained by the Lebanon Presbytery. There were four of us licensed at the same time, viz.: J. K. Lansden, Samuel Corley, Edwin Corley, and the writer. It took place at Liberty church, two miles south of McMinnville, in the autumn of 1834. Then two years after--1836--Bro. Lansden, Samuel Corley, Henry F. Bone, and the writer, were set apart to the whole work of the ministry. Rev. P. Y. Davis preached the ordination sermon, and Rev. Samuel McSpeddin, presided and gave the charge.

I write this scrap of history because, so far as I know, I am the only man now living who took part in those exercises. All of the then members of the Lebanon Presbytery are gone. Lansden, Bone, and Corley are no more. The writer only survives, and he cannot remain long.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 8, 1877, page 1]

Deceased Ministers

J. K. Lansden - Sparta Presbytery

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1877, pages 27 and 107]

Ministerial Record of James King Lansden

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Jonesboro, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

Sparta Presbytery - Middle Tennessee Synod
Sparta, Tennessee

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