James Harvey Lamm

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1834 - 1885

Lamm.--The Rev. J. H. Lamm was born November 23, 1834, in Graves County, Ky. His parents were devoted Christians, and members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, therefore he lacked no early training, and in 1853 he professed religion, to which he ever held with the greatest integrity. He was married to Miss Martha L. Biggs on the 26th of June, 1858. He was licensed to preach by the White Rock Presbytery, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in Hunt County, Texas, October 12, 1868. He was ordained by the Greenville Presbytery in 1870, and died at his residence in Hunt County, Texas, on the 14th of April, 1885, leaving a bereaved wife and nine children to mourn their loss, besides his many relatives and friends, who join them in their sorrow. But we weep not as those that have no hope; knowing the many harvests through which he has passed we believe doubtless he will come again, bringing with him his many sheaves. He it was who stood on Zion's walls, crying aloud and sparing not; he it was who dropped words of consolation to the Christian, and strong words of admonition to the sinner. The writer was an eye-witness during his illness, and to his death he seemed perfectly resigned to the will of the Lord. He told his physician he desired to talk to his family, to which he agreed, provided he would not talk too long. He then called his family around; first addressed his beloved wife, telling her he must go, but that his way was clear. He told her how he wanted her to manage the business; then calling his children, he told them to meet him in glory, telling them to be good children; then calling all Christians to come and give him their hand; then he made his last call to the sinner, begging him to seek Christ, and the next day at noon he went to his reward.
--B. H. Morgan.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, August 27, 1885, page 2]

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