David G. Gregory

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1809 - 1890

Gregory.--The Rev. David G. Gregory, M.D., was born in Hawkins county, Tenn., May 29, 1809; died in Alleyton, Colorado county, Texas, January 1, 1890. His first marriage was to Miss Mary Fant, Sevier county, Tenn. Moved to the State of Missouri about the year of 1833. Professed religion when quite young, joined the Methodist church, and was brought into the ministry in said church, and labored as a missionary among the Shawnees in the years of 1834 and 1835. Came to Texas in 1846. Settled at Rutersville, Fayette county, Texas, in which and Colorado counties he lived till he died. He had six sons and four daughters by his first wife. Of these three sons and three daughters preceded him to the glory land. His second marriage was to Mrs. S. A. O'Bryan, June 28, 1871. He had one son (Lee) by his second wife, who also went before him. He practiced medicine in Missouri and Texas thirty years. He was a safe, cautious, successful practitioner. A few years after he came to Texas he changed his church relations by joining the Cumberland Presbyterian church, in which he remained till his death. In 1878, his health having failed so that he could no longer preach or practice medicine, he moved to Alleyton, where he engaged in the fruit and nursery business. As a physician, he was safe; as a preacher, he was sound in doctrine, pointed and practical. A strong advocate of temperance, always opposing the use of alcohol and tobacco, practicing what he professed. As a friend, he was ever true; as a Mason he was a strong friend and patron of the order. He died in the full hope of a blessed immortality, and, as a ripe sheaf, is gathered into the heavenly garner. Truly may we say, another veteran of the Cross has fallen, but our loss is his eternal gain.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, February 6, 1890, page 98]


Gregory, D. G.
Guadelupe Presbytery
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1890, page 113]

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