Robert M. Gilliam

1819 - 1875

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

Ordained by Hopewell Presbytery - 3 October 1857

The Committee on Deceased Ministers submitted a report which was read and adopted and is as follows:

Since your last regular meeting, Rev. R. M. Gilliam who was a member of this Presbytery has been called from the church militant to the church triumphant. Bro Gilliam departed this life on the 10 day of Aug. 1875. Therefore

Resolved 1st That in the death of Bro Gilliam this Presbytery has lost a good and efficient member and the church a successful and zealous defender of the precious truths of the gospel. Resolved 2nd That this Presbytery bow in humble to this manifestation of the overruling providence of God and that we regard it as an admonition to us to be true steady, and faithful in the accomplishment of the word assigned to us. Resolved 3 That we tender our heartfelt sympathies to his bereaved family, and that the clerk be directed to send a copy of these Resolutions to his family.

[Source: Minutes of Hopewell Presbytery, October 2, 1875, page 303]


To the W. M., Warden, and Brethren, members of Camden Lodge, No. 179, A.F. and A.M.:

We, the committee, who were appointed at the last stated meeting of this lodge, to draft suitable resolutions relative to the death of Bro. R.M. Gilliam, would beg leave to submit the following:

WHEREAS, The hand of death has recently removed from us our beloved Bro. R. M. Gilliam, we, the members of Camden Lodge, No. 179, A.F. and A.M., do

Resolve, That, while we humbly bow in submission to this dispensation of Providence, we deeply deplore the sad event that takes from each of us a dear brother; from our order a strong and worthy supporter; from his family a good husband and a kind father; from our country one of its most promising and worthy men; and from the ministry a faithful and tried friend of the gospel.

2. That we will long retain, in our memories, the faithfulness and tried friendship of Bro. Gilliam, and his earnestness in whatever seemed the duty of the hour, his integrity which scorned subterfuge or deceit. That while Bro. Gilliam had been for a number of years a devoted minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, his mind was vigorous, and his standing in the ministry was respectable, and among his numerous acquaintances he will be specially remembered for his remarkable kind and social dispositions, and was the favorite, alike, of childhood and of ages; affable in his manner, had many friends and few enemies.

3. That we most earnestly sympathize with his bereaved wife and children; that we wear the usual badge of mourning, and that our charter be draped in mourning for thirty days. That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the lodge. That a copy be forwarded to the family; and that one be sent to the Jewel, and one to the CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN for publication. This 11th day of September, 1875.

T. A. Henry,
G. B. Greer, Committee.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 25, 1875, page 8]


Robert M. Gilliam
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
[possible son of William Gilliam and Elizabeth Pettus]
born: 29 October 1819 - Tennessee
died: 10 August 1875
1850 Census - Maury County, Tennessee
1870 Census - Benton County, Tennessee
buried: Camden City Cemetery - Camden, Benton County, Tennessee
married: 8 June 1842 - Marshall County, Tennessee
1st wife: Mary Venable
born: c1819

Children of Robert M. Gilliam and Mary Venable:

1. Hannah E. Gilliam
born: c1844 - Tennessee
married: 14 December 1864 - Gibson County, Tennessee
husband: W. G. Lane

2. Olivia F. Gilliam
born: c1846-1848 - Tennessee
married: 7 August 1872 - Gibson County, Tennessee
husband: E. F. Askew

2nd marriage of Robert M. Gilliam: 20 October 1857 - Benton County, Tennessee
2nd wife of Robert M. Gilliam: Nancy J. Cantrell
[possible widow of George W. Adams]
born: c1829



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